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5 Ways CBD Can Help You Battle Cold Season

Like vitamins, CBD can be used to prevent colds from occurring, or at least decrease their odds.

Winter makes for a tough group of months. Despite the beauty of it, not everyone is a fan of shorter days, lots of time spent indoors and increased odds of developing colds. Luckily, there’s some research out there that suggests that CBD might help you when it comes to the common cold, so at least there’s that.

According to some data, it’s not that CBD is viable medicine that can treat your colds, as Hello MD explains, the compound can be used to prevent them from occurring, or at least decrease their odds, like a vitamin. It can also help in reducing some of their most common symptoms.

From protecting your skin against breakouts and dryness, to boosting your immune system, here are some of the benefits that CBD can provide for you during flu and cold season:


One of the most affecting elements of the flu or a cold is how these diseases affect your sleep. Body aches, fevers and runny noses can make it very hard for people to focus on sleeping, even if they’re exhausted.

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According to some studies, CBD can help you sleep, especially when you’re problems are short term. The study says that by easing pain and anxiety, people have an easier time falling asleep.

A stronger immune system

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Nothing protects your body from colds better than a strong immune system, which battles infections and all sorts of illnesses. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, stimulating our immune system through the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in our bodies.

Pain relief

If you get a particularly strong cold, one of the worst symptoms you can experience are fever and body aches. The latter is particularly hard to provide relief from, causing discomfort when standing, sitting and laying down. CBD is a great pain reliever, especially when consumed orally or when applied topically.

Nourish dry skin

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One of the most common concerns people have throughout the winter is dry skin, which affects every part of you that’s exposed to the cold. For some, this means that their hands, lips, chins and noses break easily due to the frigidness of the environment.

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CBD works amazingly with skin care products, having a place in lip balms, face creams and all sorts of topicals.

Antibacterial properties

CBD has antibacterial properties that can help you battle infections, particularly those that develop with the common cold or flu. According to one study, CBD was “remarkably effective” at killing bacteria, having antibiotic effects against different types of staph and strep bacteria.


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