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5 Ways CBD Products Are Taking Society By Storm

CBD is no longer the lab rat’s lunch. It’s a new-age luxury brand that’s becoming as important to own as any Gucci or Prada product.

It wasn’t so long ago that cannabidiol, or CBD, was just one of the two known cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

Now there are at least 100 cannabinoids, and more being discovered each year, while at the same time, researchers have identified more healing effects of CBD.

CBD has worked its way out of the labs and into a wellness regimen for thousands of consumers over the last five years, while catching the eye of fashionistas who are taking advantage of a societal shift in cannabis stigma.

CBD makers have now taken to dressing up its presentation. Sometimes CBD looks more like a rare exotic indulgence in newly created flashy packaging, showing it as a new uptown gotta-have edible addition. Other times, it appears as an outrageous CBD lifestyle accoutrement that solidifies cannabis’s place in high society and the world of fashion.

CBD has grown up. It’s no longer the lab rat’s lunch. It’s a new-age luxury brand embraced by celebrities — in professional sports and Hollywood — that’s becoming as important to own as any Gucci or Prada product.  


The biggest reason to go CBD luxe is because Hollywood says so. Right? CBD of the stars. How cool is that? Many CBD infused products were stashed in the $225,000 bags of goodies for the 2020 Oscars award nominees, not so subtlety laying the “ain’t it cool” banner on it. There was a hemp balm mixed with CBD oil, cannabis oil-fused chocolates and gummies edibles. CBD in the red carpet limelight!

Party Food

Camp Grounded
Photo by Daniel Johnson courtesy of Camp Grounded

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It’s now OK to tell the caterer at your next party to bring on the CBD edibles, maybe a bit camouflaged, maybe subtlety identified as such, but beautifully presented anyway just so The Straights won’t be afraid to try it — and nobody thinks to call the cops. Today’s caterers know that CBD is on their clients’ wish lists for weddings and what-not. When you take that leap, congratulations — you just notched up a level on the list of best party people ever.

Low Calorie Buzz

Oh, those late night naughty bits of self-overindulgence when you slip into the kitchen for a bit of fudge, or a pint of ice cream, none of which help you sleep. Now you have another choice—reach for that CBD infused edible for your late-night snack. Sure, you may get a certain feeling when you eat one, maybe a little cozy buzz. But desserts are all about the buzz, right? A CBD buzz can turn your restless night into a restful one. Ever downed a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream and tried to sleep?

High Society

Do CBD Beauty Products Actually Improve Skin?
Photo by ian dooley via Unsplash

Complement a fuller high society lifestyle with new super-sexy brands of CBD products that are becoming all the rage in trend-setting cities like New York. One example is the Black Dahlia brand line of edibles, lotions and oral sprays, represented by world renowned philanthropist and socialite Emma Snowdon-Jones.

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She uses Black Dahlia to help her with depression, and told The Fresh Toast she “feels like she is alive again” and “it’s a whole new world” for her. The company promotes their CBD products as an aid to “balancing life: the yin and yang, beauty and science, enhanced living and wellness, luxury and responsibility.”


Speaking of a grander lifestyle, luxury retailer Barneys recently opened a cannabis haute couture store within a store called The High End, where you can buy things like a $950 bong. You can also find a CBD-infused sleeping mask from Needless Markup, er, um, Nieman Marcus.


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