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6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve The Life Of Seniors

Cannabis has shown promise for relieving Alzheimer’s Disease, chronic pain, poor appetite, and other issues that affect seniors.

The older we get, the more demands and care our bodies require. One estimate claims that by the year 2030, the current statistics on senior diseases will be doubled, resulting in 15 million adults that will suffer from some sort of ailment. With this in mind, can cannabis improve the life of seniors? If so, how?

A positive development in all of this is that cannabis remains a newcomer to the health field, transforming it into a well of untapped potential. You can expect a lot of studies about cannabis and its effect on seniors in the near future. Here are 6 ways in which cannabis can make things easier for seniors and their family members:

Cannabis improves their quality of life

As we age, our bodies start to deteriorate in every way, leading to some pain and discomfort. Seniors are more prone to experience inflammation, mental and bone health issues and high pressure. Luckily, there’s anecdotal evidence and some studies that say cannabis is a good way of providing some relief.

It’s a natural compound

Photo by PICNIC_Fotografie via Pixabay

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Without messing with chemicals that may do more harm than good (especially in a deteriorating body), cannabis relies on its natural properties, treating patients with gentleness and care. The plant is multidimensional and has a variety of consumption methods, affecting a wide range of diseases, and effectively managing their symptoms in the least invasive way.

There’s no need for seniors to get high

Even though a little high has never hurt anybody, there’s no reason why seniors using medical marijuana need to get high as well. Experts have started to develop effective medicinal CBD strains that contain small amounts of THC. These strains focus their efforts on the therapeutic side of the plant, producing little to no psychoactive effect.

It’s safer than prescription drugs

Opioid related deaths are one of the most serious crises Americans face, and a well regulated plan of medicinal cannabis could help diminish that. While it’s believed that opioids affect younger people, statistics claim that over 2.8 million seniors have abused prescription drugs within the last year. Opioids pose a threat for seniors and increase their chances of falling, which is one of the main reason why they end up on nursing homes. A steady and well managed dosage of marijuana can drastically reduce these risks.

Cannabis can foster a sense of community

Seniors Suffering From Opioid Addiction: 'Thank You Cannabis!'
Photo by Nicole De Khors via Burst

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Loneliness is something that greatly affects seniors and that can act as a gateway for depression, diseases, and even death. Cannabis is considered a mind enhancing substance, which could help seniors develop their creativity, improve social skills, and promote their relaxation.

Cannabis and healthcare

After enduring stigma from many years, the U.S. is getting closer to accepting cannabis as official medicine, hopefully making the drug available for healthcare programs, reducing costs and improving the lives of many.


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