Thursday, January 27, 2022


Moderna Is Working On An Omicron-Specific Booster — Is It Necessary?

Moderna wants to target Omicron with a fresh booster, one that's capable of circumventing the challenges that the new variant poses.

Study: Thousands Of Lives Could Be Saved If We Did This Every Day

It's not a big commitment, and it can do wonders for your health.

Mississippi Lawmakers Advance Medical Cannabis Bill To Governor’s Desk

Once enacted into law, Mississippi will become the 37th state to regulate the possession and distribution of medical cannabis.

Study Offers Clues As To Who Is More Likely To Get Long COVID-19

New research found trends in people suffering from long COVID-19, which could help researchers develop a test to predict who's at higher risk for the condition.

Study: Medical Cannabis Use Reduces Opioid Prescriptions In Patients With Osteoarthritis

Researchers in Philadelphia concluded that medical cannabis reduces opioid prescription for patients with chronic OA pain and improves quality of life.

Eating This Fruit Can Protect Your Vision, Finds Study

A new study suggests eating this fruit can help you protect and preserve your vision as you grow older.

Amazon Supports GOP’s Marijuana Legalization Bill

The bill would decriminalize cannabis at the federal level and let states decide how and whether to ban or regulate it.

High-Purity CBD May Help Block COVID-19 From Replicating, New Study Suggests

CBD showed a significant negative association with positive COVID tests in a national sample of medical records of patients taking the compound.

New York Doctors Can Now Recommend Medical Marijuana To All Patients Who Can Benefit From It

The program will allow the certification of a patient by a practitioner for any condition that the practitioner believes can be treated with medical cannabis.

How Does Legal Weed Affect Banking Activity? News Study Has Answers

A new study examined how the legalization of cannabis at the state level affects deposits and lending activity of banks in legalizing states. 

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