Monday, August 8, 2022


Newly Elected Colombian President Calls Out War On Drugs In Inaugural Speech, Asks For US Support

Petro called out the US and other developed nations to change and evolve drug policies that foster prohibition.

Study: Medical Cannabis May Result In Less Opioid Dependence For Advanced Cancer Patients

Medical marijuana appears to have an important role in palliating symptoms of advanced cancers with few adverse effects.

Weed Legalization Bill On Massachusetts Governor’s Desk Needs Reworking — Here’s Why

The state's House and Senate both passed cannabis compromise legislation poised to create a more equitable environment in the legal marijuana industry.

Here’s Why Arkansas Gov. Opposes Legalizing Weed

"It's going to take a lot of education in order to change that climate and to be able to show voters that this would be, in fact, harmful," said Gov. Hutchinson. By Nina Zdinjak Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is encouraging law enforcement...

Arkansas Cannabis Legalization Ballot Struck Down Despite Securing More Than Enough Signatures — Here’s Why

Responsible Growth Arkansas' attorney Steve Lancaster plans to appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Sen. Cory Booker Says He’s Optimistic About Federal Marijuana Decriminalization After Signaling Possible Compromise

In addition to expressing his optimism about reform, the senator stressed the importance of pushing for cannabis legalization on the federal level. 

State Lawmakers Call For Federal Marijuana Legalization And Banking Reform

Most of the discussion leading up to the vote focused on the need for federal banking reform. However, there was no debate on the language of legalization.

Smoking Pot Makes You 55% Less Likely To Develop This Deadly Cancer

Marijuana users have 55% fewer chances of developing one of the most common malignancies worldwide.

Eating Ultra Processed Foods Has This Weird Effect On Your Brain

The results of the study are concerning since ultra-processed foods can be easily packaged and disguised as healthy.

Joe Rogan: ‘No One Should Be In Jail For Weed,’ Calls Brittney Griner’s Russian Imprisonment ‘Horrific’

"There are tens of thousands of people in prison in America for cannabis right now. No one should be in jail for weed," said Rogan.

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