Wednesday, May 18, 2022


How Many Times Can You Get COVID-19? Here’s What Experts Know

COVID-19 reinfections are possible, especially now that there's Omicron variants in circulation. Here's what experts want you to know.

This New York State Senator Just Presented Two New Cannabis Bills

"I am proud to introduce legislation that will further support the fast-growing New York cannabis industry," said Sen. Jeremy Cooney.

Here’s How Legal Weed Has Affected Young Adults In Washington State

New data shows some of the benefits of legal marijuana.

Marijuana Is More Popular In This State Than Politicians

The poll found that medical and recreational weed is also more popular than political figures like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Ted Cruz, and more.

Sen. Candidate John Fetterman: ‘It’s High Time We Get Our Sh*t Together And Legalize Weed’

John Fetterman, currently the top Democratic Senate candidate, is loud and clear regarding cannabis reform.

Researchers Make Breakthrough Discovery That Might Help Reverse Memory Loss

A new study showed that a spinal fluid infusion from young mice was able to revert memory loss in elderly mice.

FDA Warns About THC Copycat Edibles, Children In Serious Danger

In states where cannabis use is legal, more than half (56%) of people who use cannabis consume edibles, with younger people more likely to do so.

Will Ohio Legalize Weed In 2023? It’s Complicated, But A Vague Deal Has Been Reached

State officials and cannabis legalization advocates reached a deal on Friday.

Circle K Could Be Selling Weed In The Near Future

They may be first US-based convenience stores to sell weed when the time is right!

People Who Had COVID-19 During This Month Are At Higher Risk Of Reinfection

New data shows that a new wave of COVID-19 is imminent and unlike the ones we've experienced in the past.

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