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7 Must-Have Marijuana Hacks For Beginners

Consuming cannabis does not require the problem-solving acumen of Angus MacGyver. For most of us, you put a joint between your thumb and index finger, place it between your lips and flick a Bic. Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy. But there are always ways to make the experience easier. There are simple household items you can use to improve the process. If you are new to cannabis, you may find these marijuana hacks helpful. If you are experienced, consider these a refresher course.

And, remember, consume responsibly!

1. Put A Little Honey On It

Everybody has their own special way to roll a joint. It’s kind of like fingerprints: No two are exactly identical. There are some out there that can roll a uniform joint each time. But for most of us, it’s hit or miss. And the consistency and dryness of the herb plays a role in how well the joint burns.

If you find that your joints burn a little too quickly — or if you enjoy some sweetness when you smoke — put a tiny bit of honey on the outside of the rolling paper. Your smoking experience will be sweeter, smoother and longer lasting. If you do it correctly, the joint will burn more evenly.

Extra tip: If you prefer, maple syrup also work but it is messier.

2. Lean Back While Lighting

OK, this one may sound too basic. But I’ve seen too many burnt eyebrows and nose hairs over the years, so I want to document this for those new to smoking.

The flame from a lighter—all lighters, I don’t care if it is a Bic of a fancy heirloom from your granddad—will burn vertically in normal indoor conditions. If you are outdoors, well, check for the wind direction and use a little common sense.

So if you lean forward into the flame, your face will get too close. Singed eyebrows or eyelashes are dead giveaways. And burning your nose hurts. So lean your face back slightly and carefully light the joint. This becomes more important, obviously, when you have to relight a  joint that is half smoked. If it is a roach (the end of the joint), see Tip #3.

3. Use A Safety Pin Or A Bobby Pin As A Roach Clip

Of all the household items a cannabis consumers need, I think a bobby pin or a safety pin are key. Tweezers are preferred, but I can never find mine when I need it. Get yourself a package of bobby pins or safety pins and you will pat yourself on the back eventually.

When the joint gets to the point where it is too small to safely light, use the bobby pin to wedge the used joint. It will be much easier to light. For the safety pin, carefully stick the pin through the joint for the same effect.

4. Make Your Own Grinder

Purchasing a herb grinder is essential if you are going to be consuming cannabis. Trust me on this. Buy a grinder. They will last a long, long time and you will get plenty of use out of it.

But if for whatever reason you don’t have a grinder available, here is a handy MacGyver solution. Find an empty pill bottle (you know, from a prescription or aspirin) and a coin (I prefer a dime, but a penny will do. Nickels and quarter are too big.) Clean the coin (preferably with rubbing alcohol, which is another essential household item you should have around). Put your bud in the pill container. Add the coin. Shake. Shake Shake. You will have some ground herb inside the bottle.

Still, a grinder is better.

5. Pipe Cleaners Actually Clean Pipes (Who Knew?)

I think most of us were introduced to pipe cleaners in kindergarten art class. Or in some lame arts and craft project you made for Mom in third grade. But guess what? Pipe cleaners are essential for cannabis enthusiasts. Because they clean pipes pretty well.

Go to a tobacco store or a craft store or the corner drug store. Buy a package of pipe cleaners. If you have a pipe or a bong, there is nothing better for scraping out the resin. They are cheap and disposable. And they live up to their name!

6. Odor Elimination Part 1: Air-Freshener Spray

If you’re like most of us, you probably have some in your bathroom right now. I don’t care what brand you use (I prefer Febreze, but it really doesn’t matter), these sprays really work on the tell-tale cannabis smell.

Keep a bottle of air-freshener near your stash and use it. If you fear the smell is on your clothing gently spray a little on the outer layer—just a very small amount—and you are good to go.

Travel tip: Throw some in your luggage when you are on the road. You never know when you’ll need it.

7. Odor Elimination Part 2: Empty Toilet Paper Roll And Dryer Sheet

I think just about every cannabis enthusiast who lived in a dorm knows this trick. If you want to mask the smell of burnt herb, this homemade “spoof” is effective. (And it is kinda MacGyverish.)

Affix a dryer sheet (Bounce, Gain, Downy, etc.) to the end of an empty toilet paper roll. A rubber band comes in handy here. Now you have what is called a spoof: an amazing odor elimination device that cost you next to nothing. When you inhale, blow the smoke into the open end of the toilet paper roll. The dryer sheet will filter the odor.

This method is not foolproof, but it will eliminate a lot of the smell.


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