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Here’s How CBD Lotion Can Help With Hives

Devoted users of CBD skincare products swear lotions and creams laced with this hemp-based cannabinoid is a killer way to care for your skin. Topical application of CBD is used to target a specific area of a body to achieve the desired results, like pain relief for sore muscles.

Some skincare products also focus on improving overall skin health, turning to CBD serums, moisturizers and oils with the hopes of younger, brighter skin. What about more practical uses for CBD topical products? Could CBD lotions be used to deal with annoying problems like hives caused by an allergic reaction?

All About Hives

Hives appear as raised bumps on the skin that are often red and itchy. They vary in size and are most often a response to exposure to something in the environment, like an allergen.

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Individual hives often disappear after 24 hours. New hives may continue to appear, extending a breakout for days or even weeks. Much of the discomfort of hives is the itching, but some are also painful to touch. Treatment of hives usually involves addressing the allergic reaction with an antihistamine or steroid.

A cold compress or calamine lotion can provide temporary relief from the itching. When symptoms escalate quickly, or additional symptoms like difficulty breathing arise, emergent medical treatment is necessary.

Using CBD Lotion on Hives

Cannabis-infused Topicals
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Hives are an inflammatory response by the immune system. In reaction to whatever triggered the allergic reaction, the body starts releasing histamines that gather under the skin and cause inflammation.

A lotion laced with cannabidiol might provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of hives since CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. The endocannabinoid system is involved in the body’s anti-inflammatory response. Using CBD has been found to encourage reduced inflammation by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, according to Future Medicinal Chemistry.  

Additionally, a 2017 research review by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology gathered the existing research on CBD and how it affects the skin. What we know about CBD is limited, and our knowledge will hopefully increase over time, but according to this review we have determined that CBD can help soothe symptoms like itching and swelling on the skin.

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Applied topically to the affected area, CBD may provide relief from symptoms, which is great for someone who is miserable after an allergic reaction. A break from itching or pain is highly desired whether you’re dealing with a small bout of hives or chronic hives lasting for weeks.

We want to be clear, however, that CBD isn’t a solo course of treatment for an allergic reaction. Follow standard protocol like heading to the ER or administering emergency medications for anaphylaxis. In the case of milder hives, avoid exposure to the trigger and follow up with a doctor if symptoms don’t resolve.


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