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Company Launches Cannabis Beauty Care Products For People Of Color

A hemp manufacturer is rolling out a line of beauty and wellness products that cater specifically to minority customers, and claim they are the first in the industry to do so.

“We think this could be a seven-figure brand for us within 12 to 15 months,” Bob Crumley, controlling shareholder of Founder’s Hemp, told Marijuana Business News Daily.

The North Carolina-based company cannot sell in other states due to marijuana still being federally illegal in the U.S., preventing interstate commerce. But the company is working to sell its products in South Africa, Ghana, Bolivia and other countries.

The Hemp Excellence line includes body lotion, body oil spray, body butter, gelcaps, and lip balm.

The company partnered with Segment Marketing Services to target its pitch to people of color.

“The multi-ethnic populations in America are growing faster than any other. So if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to know this sector,” Segment CEO Lafayette Jones told MBND. His background includes stints at Proctor & Gamble and Kraft Foods.

The gelcaps are the only part of the line that contain cannabinoids. The others are made from hemp seed oil. None of the products will produce the euphoria so commonly associated with marijuana.

The capsules contain CBD, one of the most-discussed and studied compounds in cannabis, perhaps only second to THC. The latter produces the euphoria. CBD has been used to treat pain and maladies such as insomnia and anxiety.

Crumley said using hemp seed only is an attempt to attract customers leery about using products with cannabinoids in them

“There are still a lot of people under the misconception that cannabinoids have to come from marijuana,” Crumley told MBND.

Founder’s Hemp was one of North Carolina’s first cannabis businesses. Crumley helped lobby the legislature for a law allowing farmers in the state to grow hemp, which had a long history in the region dating back to colonial times.

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