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5 Glorious US Vacations For The CannaCurious And Marijuana Enthusiast

There are a million ways to enjoy this newfound marijuana freedom, and one of them is to be a tourist. The legalization of the herb is slowly changing the way people regard it and has fostered a growing appreciation and cultivation of marijuana’s culture. So long, Amsterdam! Here are some of our favorite cannacurious activities that you can enjoy on US soil.

Bud And Breakfast

Aside from all the great things that come with a good hotel, Bud and Breakfast offers complimentary wake+bake breakfast, bottomless mimosas, coffee, tea, beer and wine. It’s like a dream. Their happy hour starts at 4:20 pm, where they offer delicious food and different kinds of cannabis products. Bud and Breakfast also provides options for whatever style of vacation you might be craving for, offering packages for couples, discounts on concerts and sporting events, and cannabis tours for those who are interested in learning.

Bud and Breakfast currently has several locations, one of them located at Adagio, one of Denver’s coolest and oldest neighborhoods. The hotel has 6 rooms, which guarantees an intimate climate of comfort and luxury that will be hard to match. Think about Bud and Breakfast as a super fancy Bed and Breakfast with a twist. It couldn’t be a better deal, what are you waiting for?

Kush Tourism

The Seattle-based company offers the best deals for those who are looking to learn and have fun with marijuana, be that through tours or lodging, connecting you with the best weed out there.

Kush Tourism connects you with all types of tours that can last over two hours and that range from educational, like the Kush Tour that explains how the cannabis industry works; to recreational, like the Cannabis & Spirits Experience, where you’ll try different strains from different dispensaries in the area.

My 420 Tours


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This company offers a wide array of activities for different levels of marijuana enthusiasts, giving you the chance to be friends with people that have similar interests and immerse yourself within the exciting and expanding culture of cannabis. With My 420 Tours you can get amazing experiences like the 2 Story Grow Tour, where you get to walk through a dispensary that’s practically a jungle of cannabis, or join a Sake, Sushi and Joint Rolling Class, which is honestly a skill we should all master.

Travel THC


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Travel THC can connect you with different homes, Airbnb style, where you can enjoy a puff or two without worrying about neighbors or having to hide anything. The company offers deals in discreet locations, including places like Breckenridge, so you can start planning that marijuana ski trip with your friends. Travel THC is great for planning a trip with a large group of people, where you can comfortably stay in a home that fits 14, or a more intimate kind of vacation in a smaller lodging that allows you to explore and visit all the cool things Colorado has to offer.


For the really serious cannabis enthusiasts, this is the best thing out there. CannaCon specializes in connecting people planning on learning about the growing business of cannabis in America and getting involved in it. This is the best place to learn about the coolest and latest cannabis inventions, developments and investments. The CannaCons are held in Seattle and Santa Rosa, where you’ll listen to the ideas of some of the best representatives of the cannabis industry in America.



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