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Happy Elves: 7 Essential Gifts For The Weed-Lover In Your Life

This holiday season, more states have legal cannabis than ever. While we live in a state of not-universal legality, people want more options, better accessories, and superior storage. Fortunately we are being showered with new technology to improve the herbal experience. Now as smoking gains prevalence in all adult demographics, maybe now it’s safe to openly gift the smoker in your life, there’s plenty of dope options.

Photo by Maria Penaloza

As recreational marijuana use becomes more common, partakers want discreet and healthy ways to use it, and these items are going places they have never went before. Using USB power, butane-free ignition, and scent-proof lining, it’s easier than ever to go not only stealthy, but healthy. There’s even federally legal CBD with no THC if you still feel a bit cautious to break the green ceiling.

You could still be a hero in 2016 to the stoners in your life, grab one of these chic presents and they’ll be ‘gramming your present in seconds.


My computer adopted a weedmouse! Thanks @paxvapor for this, the most modern mj instrument in existence ?????????

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The Pax 2 is basically the iPod of smoking weed: it’s the digital solution to an analog activity. Like the iPod before it, the device is small, charges quickly, and gets the job done with the press of a button. If you’re worried about the cost, about 270 dollars, you can picture it equivalent to a year’s worth of rolling papers and lighters. That’s a lot of lung damage you’re saving, which some wouldn’t affix a monetary value to.

Pax 2 charges on a cradle with smart technology for prolonged battery health, resembling a tiny computer weed mouse. This jam has a light indicator to help you adjust settings and use effortlessly, heats up in less than 30 seconds, and gives the user an incredibly smoke-similar experience. This slaps down the number one complaint about portable vaporizers, that they don’t give the user a ‘smoke-like’ mouthfeel. On the high itself, this one gets pretty close, without the perils of combustion. It’s easy to see why this is the number one choice for discreet and health conscious smokers.


Be the star of Snapchat and take your fire on the go with the rechargeable lighter that’s attached to your cell phone. After a week of using the Blazercase with my iPhone 6, the cons are few. This type of lighter is better for the environment, since there’s no plastic lighter housing to dispose of when it runs out of fuel. A charge lasts about one day for a serious stoner and it comes in lots of colors. It’s a crucial stoner stocking stuffer, and a guaranteed ice breaker for months after.

Plazmatic Lighters

Coolest lighter ever!!! Testing the @elementiumlighter line up for some v important research ????

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If you pulled out your Blue Plazmatic X on a would-be attacker, they might run away thinking it’s a taser due to it’s high-pitched zappy sound. This means it’s the kind of gift that will have all the men testing the electric lighter’s power, and everyone else laughing at them. The most awesome reason to gift lighters like these is their lack of butane, which powers most conventional lighters. Much of the ‘bad for you’ parts of smoking weed come from the paper and the butane, so ditching it is the healthwise thing to do, and shows that you care.

These lighters hold a charge for many, many lights, and are have a less considered benefit: no open flame to endanger your hair, beards, or eyelashes. Harnessing the power of your laptop (or portable USB charger!) saves money, time, and is a benefit to the environment. Giving a true stoner the power to light a joint even in windy conditions is more thoughtful than you know.


Photo by Maria Penaloza

Show your progressive side by accepting the femme stoners in your life and supporting brands that cater to them. Erbanna founder Anne Shuch is throwing the stereotypes and rough-hewn hemp themed accessories in the recycling bin by using technology and well designed bags to appeal to women no matter what their style.

Her purses, cases, and clutches are designed to not only store cannabis and it’s accoutrement stealthily, but to keep them safe and secure–some even have locks, which is amazing. My favorite is the Queen Snake Kimberly ($60) because it is not only stylish in a straightforward way, but it hides away everything from papers and vapes to eyedrops, providing non-judgemental organization to your gear.

Once zipped, the liner and zipper prevent the scents of raw flowers, portable vaporizers, roaches, edibles, and any glass that may have an odor from getting out into the world. A true stoner knows the feeling of opening your bag in a public place and thinking…”Is that me?!” This bag removes the anxiety completely, and I would wager is helpfully discreet for concertgoers looking to not have their goods confiscated at the door. The gift of discreet weed transport is of incalculable value.

Protective and Stylish Jars From Victoria Nadler

Photo by Maria Penaloza

Victoria Nadler has a bit of a cult following for her bejewelled weed accessories. This is a gift that again looks cool, but has a stoner-centric function. It’s well known that storing cannabis in glass jars is ideal storage, but this ignores the light sensitivity issue, since rays can degrade the THC and other cannabinoids. Victoria’s jars don’t resemble the current market options for lightproof storage, usually goofy silicone in tie dye colors or sterile medicinal looking plastic. Glass keeps it fresh longer, glass made opaque by hand-applied crystals, gems, and studs gets you even more life for your leaf.

Victoria is inspired by festival culture and her jars are snap-worthy but also damned classy! Get your own jar, lighter, or swing-top for baller types via her Instagram page. Her jars range from 40-70 dollars and come with semi-precious crystals. If you believe in or enjoy crystals, having one next to your herb is probably as on-brand as you can get. This makes it a gift that will be shown off every time it’s used, the best kind.

Herb Essentls

Designed by creative professionals seeking to branch out and bridge the beauty and cannabis worlds, Herb Essentls is gift-worthy packaged delicious smelling products that contain no THC. They smell like lavender, patchouli, cannabis, and even a bit of sandalwood and spruce, and are unisex and enticing.

Choose from a rich band healing facial moisturizer or an addictive candle to show the stoners in your life you think about their environment and well being. Support indie creative brands that are normalizing what essentially is just like every other plant we use in our daily lives.

Gifting cannabis oriented products and accessories not only signals your rational sensibility when it comes to our current climate, it shows you are participating in what has been a part of human culture for nigh on 10,000 years, with only recent prohibition being a blip in the history of this glorious greenery. What better time to show loved ones that you are looking forward than the holidays of 2016?


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