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Could Hemp-Derived CBD Help Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury?

Donald Cooper Ph.D. at Real Time Diagnostics Ventures Inc., in collaboration with the Flowering HOPE Foundation and Clover Leaf University, has just filed a new clinical trial called “Hemp-Derived Botanical Dietary Supplementation During Recovery From Brain Injury,” which aims to evaluate the effectiveness of cannabidiol-based supplements to aid in patient recovery from traumatic brain injury.

The study will be watching two groups of adult men and women between 18 and 55. One group will have had no prior history of traumatic brain injury and the other group will have a prior history of traumatic brain injury. Both will have had experience with taking hemp-derived botanicals. To clarify, the study refers to hemp-derived cannabidiol/CBD as “Hemp-derived botanical dietary supplement” and “HDS”.

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According to Clinicaltrials.gov, within these two groups,

“This study seeks to answer whether subjects taking HDS formulations experience relief from self-reported symptoms or improved subjective well-being, sleep quality, cognitive benefits, side effects and/or quantifiable changes in brain state neuronal activity or stress biomarkers.”

Essentially, the study will hopefully determine whether or not hemp-derived CBD helps traumatic brain injury patients with overall wellbeing, sleep, and more. The study will also aim to determine whether or not there are any negative side effects to using the CBD supplements on a daily versus weekly basis.

As an added bonus, the study may help researchers understand why some people respond better to CBD-based supplements over others.

This article originally appeared on Daily Marijuana Observer. 

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