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TFT How To: 4 Tips For Using Marijuana To Break Monotony

Outside of medicinal and social situations, one of the age-old uses for marijuana has been its ability to break down the monotony of tedious tasks. Professionals around the world secretly indulge in pot before heading to mundane day jobs, celebrities have copped to sucking on medicated candies during hours-long signing sessions, and even among family you may have run into a rogue cousin who couldn’t quite make it through your Aunt Judy’s choir recital without some help.

So whether you’ll be signing autographs for four hours, cleaning the house all day, or offering moral support at a friend’s three-hour long interpretive dance performance, here are some things to consider when using pot to get through those tedious tasks in your life.

Mode Of Marijuana


The first decision you must make is which mode of marijuana is a.) available to you and b.) best suited to the task at hand. Whether you decide on a joint, a dab, an edible, or anything in between, each option brings with it different nuances on how the ensuing high will play out.

Smoking can bring about more immediate effects while an edible can give you more of a time-release that lasts for much longer.



If you have the luxury, choosing between different strains of cannabis can help you determine the type of experience you will have. Try experimenting with different indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to see how they affect you and take some notes of how each one feels. That way, the next time around you can make a more educated decision on what to buy—whether it’s a buzzy sativa to keep you awake or a body-melting indica to ensure you stay seated.



Timing can be the trickiest of factors to consider when pairing pot with a specific task at hand. No matter if you’ve decided to munch on an edible or sneak a quick hit off of your vape pen, it’s likely best not to do it too far in advance. If possible, step away a few minutes before your task or event is about to begin and partake in private, thus allowing the effects of the cannabis to activate as you are beginning the tedium at hand and not much before.



Though you’re not back in math class it may seem like between timing and dosing there are quite a few calculations to be done. This is nevertheless important in ensuring the best possible outcome. For a monotonous task, you want the time to pass effortlessly while still keeping a clear head. That could come from a single dab, half a joint, a quarter of chocolate bar, two medicated breath mints, or a long-lasting THC transdermal patch—it depends on your own preferences and your body’s tolerance.


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