Monday, March 4, 2024

People Are Putting Marijuana In Their Butts And Here’s Why

There are all kinds of ways to medicate, via smoking, eating an edible and even putting some marijuana up your butt or vagina. As weird as it may sound, cannabis suppositories work really well, producing fast effects that take away pain quickly and can even produce a high that’s different than any other.

Cannabis suppositories enter the bloodstream directly, without contacting the liver, producing a bodily highs that has no effects on the brain. These suppositories are fast acting and have a lot of medicinal value, relieving users of gastrointestinal issues, muscle pain, and menstrual cramps. They’re also popular amongst medical cannabis patients, especially those who suffer from MS, rectal and liver cancer, and many others. 

The sensations that the suppositories produce begin in the pelvis, and then distribute themselves throughout the body, leading to a very physical high that doesn’t affect the brain. This kind of high is hard to compare to the average high you obtain while smoking a joint or eating an edible. As a point of reference, when smoking marijuana you absorb around 15 percent of the medicinal value of the plant. By ingesting it orally, you absorb 50 percent of it, and while consuming it through a suppository, you absorb around 80 percent of it’s medicinal value.

Cannabis suppositories have developed a substantial following because of their powerful results. They may not be the most approachable way to get high, but they have really great medicinal value that doctors and experts on the matter are only just beginning to discover.


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