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Simple Explanation Of Weed Dosage

For the canna-casual or the canna-newbie, dosage has a huge impact on the journey – here is it simply explained.

California sober, gummies for anxiety, discreet vaping instead of alcohol for weight loss, marijuana use has a whole new consumer population and it is only getting bigger.  Even Governor Desantis‘s nanny state of Florida has 70% of the population who want explained marijuana availably. But for those new to using cannabis, understand the strength is key, here is a simple explanation of weed dosage.

Dosage is similar to alcohol proof. While proof is a measure of the alcohol content of a beverage, dosage indicates strength. New users should lean toward the low side to ensure a good journey or relief (depending on why you are consuming).

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How you consume can also account for the effect, flower, vapes and edibles all hit you a wee bit different. When you consume an edible, the cannabinoids are processed through the liver and stomach, not the lungs, so pay attention to the guide.  It can also take 40-90 minutes to hit, so relax and don’t take more until you have started the trip.

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Here is a general guideline for dosage.

THC Dosage: 1 – 2.5 mg

Mild relief of symptoms including pain, stress, and anxiety; heightened focus and creativity. Great for first-time consumers, or more experienced consumers interested in microdosing.

THC Dosage: 2.5 – 15 mg

tronger relief of symptoms; euphoria; impacted coordination and perception. Great for stubborn symptoms not affected by smaller doses; potential treatment for sleep issues.

THC Dosage: 30 – 50 mg

Strong euphoria; significantly impacted coordination and perception. Great for consumers with a high tolerance for THC, or whose GI systems don’t absorb cannabinoids well.

THC Dosage: 50 – 100 mg

Seriously impacted coordination and perception; possible unpleasant side effects including nausea and increased heart rate. This is considered a high dosage appropriate for treating challenging conditions and symptoms, or for those who have high THC tolerance.


The rule of thumb as you start out is go low and then grow.  This will help you have all the upsides without any unpleasantness.


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