Monday, July 22, 2024


Tips To Make The Most Of Important Alone Time

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, it is key. Here are tips to make the most of important alone time.

Is Harris The Answer For The Cannabis Industry

Leaders in the GOP are fighting against it and the Dems are in chaos. Is Harris the answer for the cannabis industry?

Key Facts About Medical Marijuana

Here are key facts about medical marijuana which is vital to patients. It makes a difference.

Enjoy These Refreshing Retro Wine Spritzers

Here in the middle of summer, it can be hot and humid! To make it more fun, enjoy these refreshing retro wine spritzers.

The Feds Have Until November To Help Veterans

The Feds have until November to help veterans with PTSD, chronic pain and more...let's hope time doesn't run out.

Coca-Cola Could Change The Cannabis Industry

They flirted with it in 2018 but with rescheduling will they make a move? Coca-Cola could change the cannabis industry.

Too Much Coffee May Mess With Microdosing

Both offer benefits and a cup or 4 seems normal for some. But too much coffee may mess with microdosing marijuana.

What Are Cannabis And CBD Topicals

Summer can be filled with fun, but also irritates and aches.  What are cannabis and CBD topicals and can they help?

The Best Ways To Reduce Your Phone Addiction

Half feel it is too invasive about their life so here are the best ways to reduce your phone addiction.

Marijuana Highs In Flower, Edibles and Others

Every individual has their own personal relationship with cannabis. No matter how they’re imbibing or how frequently, there is ritual and appreciation that goes into the experience.

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