Friday, July 3, 2020
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Starbucks Wins Lawsuit Over Obvious Copycat, ‘Starbuds Dabuccino’

Ripping off Starbucks in any way is going to get you in hot water. The coffee behemoth has won its share of trademark lawsuits and now, it’s scored another victory. But this time, involving a different type of brewing.

An Oregon artist by the name of James Landgraf designed an oil rig (which, unlike a bong, is used to dab cannabis in a concentrated form) to look like a Starbucks blended beverage cup, complete with the company’s signature green straw. The “Starbuds Dabuccino” even showcases a Siren on the logo, but in this case, she’s wearing a headdress made of marijuana leaves. Sure, it was super illegal, but the Dabuccino was fun while it lasted.

E-commerce site Hitman Glass was selling the product, which was taken off the site after Friday’s ruling, ordering Landgraf to pay more than $400,000 in damages to Starbucks.

The Dabuccino controversy is not unique. As Eater points out, not only are there several fast food companies whose likeness has been used to promote oil rigs, but there are copycats ripping off the copycats, which makes chasing trademark infringement a difficult chore.



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