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Survey Says: Here’s What Our Readers Think Makes The Best Weed Strain

Each person has their own reasons as to why the weed they are loyal to is “the best.” Perhaps this is why there are so many favorite strains on the market today.

We asked our readers in an informal online poll what makes the weed the “best,” and we received all kinds of answers. We wondered if it was strength, flavor, or maybe something else that attracted cannabis enthusiasts to their favorite strain. Many respondents said “all the above,” while others listed reasons that we didn’t even think of, like “no seeds,” a slow burn, and even highest marks given to weed that is organically grown.

Flavor, taste and strength (or potency) were the most commonly mentioned reasons for declaring weed “the best,” as well as certain strains that made the person feel exactly the way they wanted to feel. But at the end of the day, answering the question “what makes the best weed?” is ultimately a bit subjective.

Taste, flavor and even potency can vary significantly from person to person in many cases. Still, there is some evidence and science that sheds light on why most consumers are seeking the things they are when on the hunt for the perfect bud.

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Flavor And Smell

The flavor and bouquet of your bud is often telling. Apart from the fact that very strong smelling marijuana is often fresh and well-grown, there might be further evidence of quality in the more subtle notes lingering in the air. A big part of what you’re smelling is the plants’ unique and specific terpenes and terpenoids. 

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The smell and flavor in itself can hold appeal, but when combined with the THC, it can become an altogether elevated phenomenon known as the entourage effect. It’s no wonder why many people rely on their nose and taste buds when discerning their favorite weed.


At the end of the day, people buy weed to get high. Therefore potency is going to be at the top of most lists. But if this were the case, highly concentrated products would have wiped out lower percentage THC flower by now. They have not. A big reason for this is that THC potency does not always mean you are guaranteed to get more high. According a recent study, which tested subjects exposed to highly concentrated THC and also those exposed to lower doses, “Despite differences in THC exposure, flower and concentrate users showed similar neurobehavioral patterns after acute cannabis.”

In other words, the study showed that the percentage of THC you consume does not equate to the level of “high” you feel (with the notable exception of edibles — those percentages mean just that). As an article in Forbes put it, “Judging a cannabis strain on its THC content is not unlike judging a film based on the lead actor. The THC number isn’t going to be an indicator of the performance.”

Indica vs. Sativa 

Some purchase weed for smell, some for potency, and others make their decision based on the species. Whether weed is the species of “indica” or “sativa” is a major factor in the way many people purchase weed. These two words (along with “hybrid”) are used constantly at recreational dispensaries. The reason for this is that sativa is classically more an invigorating head high, and indica is more of a mellow high. These are two very different experiences.

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While many have their preference between the two, the more seasoned cannabis user will find that there is a lot more to how weed affects you besides its species. While indica may often feel mellowing, there are other components in all sorts of strains of weed that also provide a mellowing experience. 

This is what makes each strain unique and marketable in its own way. In fact, according to Medical News Today, “Some experts suggest that manufacturers should abandon naming their products as sativa or indica. Using these names is misleading and far more complex than people once thought.”

Each person has their own reasons as to why the weed they are loyal to is “the best.” Perhaps this is why there are so many favorite strains on the market today, and seemingly just as many ways to consume them. While the decision to determine what the best weed is may become more difficult, the good news is it appears as though there will be more and more amazing strains to choose from. Sometimes hard decisions aren’t such a bad thing.


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