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The Definitive Guide To Terpenes And Cannabis Aromatherapy

When aromatherapy is combined with medical marijuana, it has an intense effect that makes you feel better all-round.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

Do you know that there is another unique way the human body can ingest marijuana without smoking, vaping, or consuming an edible? It is an uncommon method through which the medicinal benefits of marijuana can be gained. This method is called aromatherapy.

Some users are always skeptical at first of the healing properties of this technique. But their views often change when they get to know that a plant’s aromatic and flavorful terpenes can be inhaled to gain some of the common benefits gotten from having marijuana.

The Definitive Guide To Terpenes And Cannabis Aromatherapy
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The cannabis plant has a complex mixture of terpenes or essential oils — over 200 — with each amplifying the aroma of the plant. The discovery of the aromatherapy process has given the world a way to exploit the essential oils present in a cannabis plant.

Here, I will be giving a comprehensive guide on terpenes and marijuana aromatherapy: how it works, how it is applied, and the effectiveness of this uncommon practice.

What is Marijuana Aromatherapy?

The term “aromatherapy” fuses two words: aroma and therapy. Aroma means to smell, while therapy is defined as treatment for mental or physical disorders.

Marijuana aromatherapy can be described as the ancient practice of inhaling cannabis-infused essential oils for their healing properties.

Cannabis and its terpenes have healing properties that make the essential oils very potent. This is also because the olfactory system and endocannabinoid receptors are triggered by the cannabis itself. This practice has been in use for several years to help patients with mental disorders like insomnia, paranoia, and heightened anxiety.

Aromatherapists claim that the practice of marijuana aromatherapy utilizes the extracted plants reopened to stimulate, as well as, harmonize the body, mind, and spirit of a person.

How Marijuana Aromatherapy Oil is Made

Cannabis contains a complex mixture of terpenes. Whereas most plants contain just one or two. These terpenes are isolated and identified. After which they are extracted to be and converted into their liquid form.

The extraction process is often carried out through Steam distillation or by the use of a strong solvent. The concentrated specific-terpene liquid can be mixed with another to replicate the intense scent of the marijuana plants.

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How Marijuana Aromatherapy Works

There are misconceptions that marijuana aromatherapy works the same way ingested cannabis works. This is not so. Aromatherapy does not produce the unique internal molecular action that promotes therapeutic interactions. This is what the usual cannabis consumption does.

What it does instead is that it works through a slight interaction with receptors in the brain and central nervous system.

The scent receptors in the brain and olfactory system are rich in natural receptors of cannabinoids.

The availability of terpenes increases the effectiveness of cannabinoids, hence, the more terpenes added, the more potent the mixture becomes.

The weird aspect of this practice is that patients are always drawn to the complex odor of cannabis-infused oils, regardless of how pleasant it is.

When you inhale these terpene-infused essential oils, the receptors process these scents and enacts a relaxation and pain-relieving response from the CNS.

Some of the benefits of marijuana therapy include:

  • Better skin
  • Upliftment
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced insomnia
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Application of Marijuana Aromatherapy

There are several ways this process can be carried out, but the most promising and effective methods for applying marijuana aromatherapy include:


Your chances of relaxing after using the cannabis oil on your skin increase. Massaging with the use of cannabis oil provides an up-close interaction that allows you to take in the soothing scents for a time. That is during the duration of the process and even after.  With massages, the terpenes will remain on your skin for several hours after the massage.

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It is important to state that your cannabis oil must be mixed with either water or another massage oil before applying it to your skin. This is arguably the best way to apply cannabis oil and you can do it in your home with the help of your loved one.


Inhale the steam of cannabis oil from a humidifier. You only need to add a few drops of the essential oil into a humidifier.

Experts claim that this method induces a sedative and therapeutic effect, only when it is at the right temperature. The steam can either be warm or cold, but not hot.


A lot of people prefer this method majorly because it is very stress-free and can be used in the home. Add a couple of drops of cannabis oil into a diffuser. At intervals, the diffuser releases the aromatic oils into the room—creating a peaceful and therapeutic environment.

Whenever the room is entered, it will create a change in mood and induce the sedative effects of the oil.


You can procure a spray bottle that has been packaged with diluted cannabis oil. This way, you are your aromatherapist. You can also purchase a cannabis oil separately and a prayer separately. This way you get to dilute the oils yourself. You can spray your couch, sofa, or pillowcase whenever you’re feeling down and need to be uplifted. Another creative way is to spray for a handkerchief for ready use whenever you’re out.

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Effectiveness of Marijuana Aromatherapy

Marijuana aromatherapy is a potent technique that works for some (not all) medical disorders. When used alone, aromatherapy can only calm you or stimulate your senses. But when it is combined with medical marijuana, it has an intense effect that makes you feel better all-round.

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However, it has to be used in the right amount for it to produce satisfying effects and enhance certain aspects of a person’s life. Too much of it can be detrimental.

Researchers are actively working on ways to improve aromatherapy using marijuana extracts.

Some of the important terpenes used for this ancient technique include:

Bottom Line

Marijuana Aromatherapy is an effective practice that induces an uplifting and euphoric pattern. It is smokeless and devoid of any unpleasant odors.

The little research carried out on terpenes so far indicates that they have a whole set of properties that would be beneficial to medical treatments in the coming years.

If you reside in a state where cannabis is legal, you can contact your doctor or a seasoned budtender to find out if aromatherapy is something  you can experiment with.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.


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