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The Difference Between Indica And Sativa Strains

Throughout cannabis’s history, there have been two kinds of strains: indica and sativa. Now, experts believe these terms might be outdated.

As you begin your journey with cannabis, one of the first things you learn is that there are two kinds of strains: indica and sativa. Most people choose one and stick to it, since it’s an easy and convenient way of obtaining the results you’re looking for. But most experts believe that the differences between strains are not as marked as we’ve been lead to believe.

The effects of consuming cannabis depend on several factors that are always subject to change. These aren’t as simple as smoking a specific type of strain and getting the results you’re looking for, although the make up of the plant has some influence on your high. Your body’s make up and tolerance level, the plant’s chemical profile, how you’re ingesting it and the dosage are all important to the feeling you’ll ultimately experience.

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Indica and sativa are terms that entered the conversation years ago, mostly used to refer to the different species of plants during their cultivation stage. Indica strains originate from shorter plants, with thick stems and broad, deep green leaves. They tend to flower quickly and can thrive in colder climates. On the other hand, sativas come from tall plants that flower more slowly, have light green leaves, and fare better in warmer climates.

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It’s been years since cannabis plants were bred separately; nowadays we’re all consuming hybrids, even if they’re sativa or indica dominant.

When describing each strain, sellers are quick to attach labels to them, forgetting that the name mostly refers to the plant’s physical look and make up. Sativa strains are deemed cerebral and talkative, while indica is more relaxing and body focused. This categorization doesn’t account for how each person experiences cannabis. When smoking the same strain, two people might experience completely different highs, one having a laughing fit and the other experiencing serious couch lock.

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While the labels indica and sativa make for great starting points for cannabis users, it’s important to get informed about other aspects of the plant. Recent research says that terpenes and cannabinoid make up are some of the most determinant aspects of a cannabis batch, being the best predictor of your high.

Still, despite all the knowledge in the world, cannabis remains a trial and error process. In order to find your dream strain, you’re going to have to smoke a few of them.


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