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Why Sativas Are Often The Answer To Anxiety Over Indicas

Different terpenes attract us for different reasons and one person’s bedtime medication is another person’s panic attack.

Sativa versus indica is a conversation that’s been going on for a long time. And it’s certainly risen up to the realm of cannabis common knowledge that if you want to experience the munchies, a mellow night in, and a good night’s sleep you pick an indica. If you need to get things done and be creative, you go with the sativa. And if you’re looking for the middle ground, hundreds upon hundreds of hybrids await.

But not everyone falls into the same category when it comes to the effects of cannabis. No one is a cookie cutter person and neither are our pallets when it comes to pot. Different terpenes attract us for different reasons and one person’s bedtime medication is another person’s panic attack.

The biggest reason that people find indicas disconcerting rather than calming is that a heavy hitter can have someone deep inside their head with no way out imaginable. When we get too far inside our heads, it can bring about a host of emotions, some of which we may not be ready to deal with. This can cause anxiety and the addition of not feeling in control of one’s thoughts just adds to the state of panic.

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Pure indicas are truly medicine and should not be discredited in any way, shape or form, but they’re not for everybody. Many people find that the cerebral, yet clear headed feeling of a high flying sativa gives them a mental boost, calms anxiety revolving around immediate circumstances and gets them in the mood to be more social, get some cleaning done or simply be.

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The solution for most will be somewhere in the middle, though. Breeders around the world have gone to painstaking lengths to create cultivars that take the best attributes from indicas, sativas and mother and father plants to quell anxiety for the masses, much in the vein of benzo-based pharmaceuticals working for most people experiencing panic or the feeling of being anxious.

When it’s that intricate, often you’ll wind up with a hybrid that either leans toward sativa or indica. Experiment with different strains that have different attributes until you find a few that work well for you. And even if the budtenders at your local dispensaries aren’t mind and soul readers, they can point you in directions you may otherwise not have taken, like a sativa heavy hybrid for anxiety that might just do the trick.


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