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The Growth Of Increasingly Strange And Unusual CBD Products

As with any new product made from CBD, manufacturers can make any claim about what their infused product can do.

The prognosticators in the industry have been saying for years that there will be a huge surge of cannabidiol products emerging. And with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in December, 2018, that legalized hemp and the CBD derived from it (with the caveat that the USDA still has to formulate rules for growing and distributing it), the floodgates are wide open for anyone to take their shot at a new CBD product.

Check it out: Tony Magee, the founder of Lagunitas Brewing, makers of THC and CBD infused beer and seltzer, said during a speech at the 2018 NCIA Seed to Sale show in Denver that he saw a future where there would be CBD infused women’s makeup that “leaves you feeling good all day” and Febreeze that “smells like roses but has a touch of THC in it.”

“You gotta be thinking way over the horizon,” he told the crowd of mostly cannabis entrepreneurs. “If you are a retailer, you have to love your customers and prepare for not what’s coming next, but for the unknowable.”

Those words of a jazzed-up speaker have been more of a call to action in the world of increasingly strange and unusual CBD-infused products. Studies have shown how the cannabinoids in CBD bind to the cannabinoid receptors in humans, helping ease inflammation and pain. Labs have used more of a pharmaceutical model to study and develop CBD products and distribution routes, such as CBD tinctures, salves, sublinguals, patches, capsules, and gels, most of which can be purchased at your local pharmacy or in a kiosk at your favorite mall.

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But how about wearing CBD-infused active wear from Acabada, infused with up to 25 grams of encapsulated CBD that lasts through 40 washes, to calm you while you work out?

Or  CBD-infused sheets, pillowcases and bath towels available from Royal Heritage Home, a home textile company?

Don't Trust CBD Workout Gear
Photo by Andrew Tanglao via Unsplash

Axim Biotech has developed a series of hemp-derived cannabinoid-based oral care products, including toothpaste, mouthwash, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more.

Then there are CBD sex aids.

Foria, a THC and CBD wellness manufacturer,  has a line of sexual pleasure enhancing CBD oil, Awaken, plus CBD suppositories for “vaginal intercourse and anal play,” and an organic hemp lubricant they call “a bedroom essential.”

Quim Rock, another sexual wellness product maker, has a CBD oil product called the Happy Clam, which they call “eye cream for your vagina.”

What more could you want? Well, the sky is the limit.

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But as with any new product made from CBD, which has not been regulated and studied in the classically rigorous manner (double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial with humans) that is approved by the Federal Drug Administration, any manufacturer can make any claim about what their CBD product can do. All it takes is a little imagination of how to infuse it, how to market the product, and how to convince the customer that this wonder cannabinoid will be the magic bullet that heals what ails them, wherever and however they use it.


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