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The Ultimate Guide To Marijuana Tasting

Wine tasting has become a huge sub industry with wineries offering tastings from Virginia to Washington state.  But do you know you can do marijuana tasting?

Visits to wineries are slightly down from 2019, but are still going strong. It seems from Total Wine and Bev Mov to local wineries and groceries stores are doing tastings. Thanks to Two Buck Chuck, palates have expanded and who doesn’t want a free taste of wine? So here is the ultimate guide to marijuana tasting.

There was great hope California would have consumption lounges allowing people to really dig into flavor and experience.  But Governor Newsom but a big stop on the concept.

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With marijuana is being treated more like alcohol these days, it stands to reason the scene could soon see an uprising in cannabis tastings. Similar to the swish and spit rituals taking place at wineries and other liquor-slinging establishments, the reach of marijuana will one day be given center stage for customers to hit samples before making a purchase. Cannabis discussions around tastings are become more commonplace not on in dispensaries, but in living rooms.


The first thing a true cannabis aficionado looks at is the overall appearance of the bud. These folks get excited when they see the herb is covered in crystals. That excitement spirals into an excitement when they realize the color of the crystals is more yellow than white. Typically, the more yellow, the more THC. But no matter how yellow the crystals, always ask the weed steward when they what is their roll plan so you can be prepared.

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Now that you’ve identified a good-looking bud, the next step is to examine its aroma. Don’t worry. You do not have to be well versed in the art of cannabis selection to represent like a marijuana master. Similar to how it is done in beer and wine tastings, just wave the herb under the nose and take shallow sniffs. The goal is to try and get a feel for its components. You might catch a whiff of citrus, pine or even the business end of a skunk. But, as a rule, if the aroma is pleasing, chances are you will be happy with the next step.

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There are a variety of methods in which to capture a rush of optimal flavor. Some say a French inhale is the best method for tasting bud. But the most important aspect of this process to remember is the first hit is when the magic happens. Unless a person has been assigned to pen an elaborate tasting profile on a particular strain, the best advice here is to just take in the smoke, hold it in, and search for the flavors that turned you while testing the aroma. Chances are you will stumble onto something new to tickle the senses. Just make sure the device you are using to sample the bud is clean.

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This is the fun part — the test drive. Just kick back and see how the herb hits. Does it make you chatty, sleepy, or does it turn you into a cartoon character? It is important to understand how a strain works on you personally. But remember, there are more strains to sample. A good weed testing will consist of around 5-6 strains. You’ll need to try all of them. But be sure to cleanse your palate after every sample. Fruit juice or plain crackers are good for this.


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