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Tips For Using Cannabis Pain Patches For The First Time

Aside from cannabis’s wide range of medicinal properties that can work to help treat different diseases and medical conditions, cannabis has been used to help treat wounds for centuries.

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are several different delivery methods to choose from. Some cannabis users prefer the inhalation method via vaping or smoking. Whereas, others prefer orally ingesting cannabis via infused edibles, drinks, or tablets/capsules. Here are some tips for using cannabis pain patches for the first time.

However, many users would rather use topical cannabis products for localized relief. There’s another delivery method available though, which is known as transdermal patches. Aside from cannabis’s wide range of medicinal properties that can work to help treat different diseases and medical conditions, cannabis has been used to help treat wounds for centuries. Nowadays, this particular form of medicine has evolved into a new and improved version—transdermal cannabis pain patches. Read on to find out how effective these transdermal patches are and what to know before purchasing them.

Progression Of Topical Products & Transdermal Patches

Based on presented research by cannabis researchers, Robert Clarke and Dr. Mark Merlin, topical cannabis products have been utilized for centuries to help treat various ailments. Although variations of topical cannabis products have existed for hundreds of years, currently, they’re making a trending comeback. Instead of topical products in the form of oils, salves, lotions, and creams, the latest innovation is the transdermal cannabis pain patch. Cannabis pain patches share similarities with both birth control patches and nicotine patches—they’re all transdermal patches that serve a purpose, and they’re available to customers.

About Cannabis Pain Patches

Currently, individuals can purchase cannabis pain patches, which are often marketed for their pain-relieving properties, especially for the treatment of fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy. How are these transdermal patches made though? It’s actually pretty simple. An adhesive patch is infused with cannabis oils and/or isolates. Cannabis pain patches are made to deliver a gradual release of cannabinoid medicine through the body’s skin, which flows into the capillaries. This allows the medicine to enter the body’s bloodstream.

Although no large-scale clinical trials have been conducted on these patches yet, several companies have already released their own cannabis-infused transdermal patches onto the market. One example is Cannabis Science, Inc., which released a cannabis patch prototype with the intention of controlling fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy better. Despite the lack of large-scale clinical trials that have been conducted thus far, anecdotal success has been reported by cannabis consumers and medical cannabis patients.

Benefits Of Cannabis Pain Patches

As compared to other cannabis delivery methods, these transdermal patches can be quite effective and beneficial. Did you know that when cannabis is inhaled or orally ingested, 33 percent or less of the total cannabinoid content of that product can be used by the body? When it comes to transdermal patches though, the cannabinoids can enter the body more easily and used more efficiently. Transdermal cannabis patches have additional benefits, which includes the following: slow-release relief, long-lasting effects, and simple dosage control.

Do you consume cannabis and certain cannabinoids for localized or general relief? If your reason of usage is for localized relief, then, cannabis pain patches might be the way to go because they work to deliver a more targeted dosage and effects gradually over time. As a result, the patch’s effects can be more mild than other delivery methods.

For individuals looking for a cannabis delivery method that’ll provide them with the longest-lasting effects and relief, transdermal patches are an ideal choice. What may come as a surprise is that one transdermal cannabis patch can deliver eight hours of gradual relief to users.

On the same note, cannabis users won’t have to worry much about dosages and finding the right one for them when using transdermal patches. This is the case because transdermal patches contain pre-loaded measured doses of cannabinoids. Thus, users have more specific control over the quantity of medicine they plan on consuming. Also, if the effects caused by the patches become too strong, all the individual has to do is remove the patch.

Tips For First-Time Cannabis Transdermal Patch Users

When first using cannabis transdermal patches, it’s suggested to read the product’s directions closely and speak to a doctor about it. From here, it’s recommended to place the pain patch on a body part that’s close to an accessible joint. Keep in mind that location matters when it comes to transdermal patches. To receive the most relief possible, try placing the patch on a region that’s near the affected area where you wish to feel relief. In general, the body’s joints are the best spots to apply the patch since the joints have a thin layer of fat tissue, on average. Two optimal places are near your knee or shoulder.

However, if one wants to feel general relief rather than localized, it’s suggested to place the patch on your wrist, shoulder blade, or lower abdomen area. These places are ideal because they contain the most optimal access to blood vessels. As long as you do your research beforehand, spend time reading the patch’s instructions, and discuss this form of treatment with a doctor, you could have much success and long-lasting relief from this particular delivery method.


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