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Visiting Seattle For MLB Or A Cruise? Information You Need!


Summer is bringing MLB and cruises to popular Seattle. Here is a quick guide of what to do, where to eat, how to consume and a word of caution!

Seattle has long been a tourist destination. Home to the historic Pike Place Market, the soaring Space Needle and mystical Chihuly Garden and Glass, a vibrant music scene,  tourists from around the globe trek to the 30th anniversary of Sleepless in Seattle. In June, Seattle set another record for being the most sold out city in the US.  The cruise industry is having a banner year and Major League Baseball All Stars kicks off 11 July at T-Mobile Park. Visiting Seattle for MLB or a Cruise, we have some must know information for you.

While the city is flooded with visitor, if doesn’t feel crowded and has something for everyone to explore. Marijuana is fully legal so that isn’t a concern. But, be warned, Seattle is the only city in Washington that has chosen, for now, not to prosecute drug offenders. Here are  some direct and general tips for visiting the city.

The Amazon Spheres in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle
The Amazon Spheres in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle

Seattle has fully legal recreational marijuana.  The greater downtown area has a variety of retail shops including Have A Heart (Belltown) and Uncle Ikes (Capital Hill). While people smoke on the streets, don’t plan to whip out a pre-roll in restaurants, retail stores, bars or nightclubs. Look for something more discreet.  The stadiums have security checks and cannabis and alcohol are not allowed. Cruise ships are also not open to marijuana being part of your luggage. For the cruises the telltale sign is the aroma.

The light rail can take you from the Stadium district to the retail core, where the largest hotels are located.  It can also take you the International district (excellent food), Captial Hill (trendy music and bar district), and historic Pioneer Square.

The city has a great food scene with a variety of experiences and cuisines. Consider treating your palate at The Pink Door, Japonessa, Communion, Aqua and more.  Low key place include Bar Cotto, Fogon, Assagios and gems in Pike Place Market. In the international district, Jade Garden is known for excellent dim sum, Tai Tung is the oldest restaurant  and Harbor City is open until 11 pm. For drinks, high end would include the Fairmont, the Four Seasons, and at the other end you have The 5 Point along with a whole range of bars in Belltown and Capital Hill. Near the stadium you can pick from a wide choice of watering holes.

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As of 1 July, the city does not have a system to deal with open air drug users, so some of the downtown streets have some extra local scenery. Fentanyl is freely used on the streets and 3rd Ave should be avoided except as a crossover street.  Don’t be surprised if you randomly see people screaming, waking naked, or stealing. Police are hamstrung in their approach, so try to stay in groups.  A majority of Seattle City Council believes there is not need to prosecute and the office of the Mayor is taking a slow approach to potential resolution.

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Seattle in the summer is beautiful and it will be a warm, so enjoy your visit to the Emerald City.


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