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What Is ‘Greening Out’ On Marijuana And Why Does It Happen?

The term “greening out” originated as a play on blacking out; the moment when people drink too much alcohol and forget what you did when you were drunk. Greening out is the equivalent of this with marijuana instead of alcohol, leaving people impaired with nausea, paranoia, anxiety and just a general feeling of awfulness.

Dr Freddie Vista believes that this phenomenon occurs because of an excess of THC in the body, which affects some people more than others because of their low tolerance. He explains that this symptoms appear due to the overstimulation of the cannabinoid receptor in our brains. This area is normally and, to a lesser degree, stimulated by anandamide, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in pain, appetite, depression, memory and fertility. When there’s an excess of THC in the brain your body feels this symptoms. 

Other causes for greening out can include the plant’s cultivation methods and what was used for its fertilization. People can have bad reactions to the pesticides used or the bacteria, fungi, and mold that are present on the plant.

The most important thing about greening out is knowing how to cope with your discomfort, since there’s really no way of instantly making your symptoms disappear. No matter how awful you’re feeling, there haven’t been any deaths caused by excessive consumption of marijuana. Being with friends and in a safe space will make you feel better and more calm, giving you more control over the situation. Drinking fruit juice is always good because it’ll keep you hydrated and it’ll raise your blood sugar. If there’s any vomiting then be sure to lay on your side and stay calm. Be sure to call an emergency service if the symptoms get too intense and discomforting. 


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