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What You Should Know About CBD Topicals

CBD topicals have made their mark on the beauty and wellness industry despite legal limitations.

There are hundreds of CBD brands making topicals, ranging from beauty products to pain relief lotions and balms. While there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding CBD, from its lack of scientific research to its inclusion in random and purposeless products, the compound’s effect on topicals stands on solid ground. Beloved by celebrities, beauty stores and experts alike, CBD topicals are your best bet if you’re hoping to reap some of the benefits of CBD.

Here’s a quick list that can help you make the best of these kinds of products:

They’re legal

Although CBD’s legal standing is extremely confusing, topicals are sold throughout the country. CBD falls under the same category as hemp, which was legalized in the 2018 Farm bill, and can be sold in most states as long as it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. While the FDA doesn’t approve of the compound, topicals aren’t eaten, so we’re all good with this form of CBD.

They can be used for different purposes

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There’s a good amount of variety within the world of CBD topicals, which includes balms, serums, body oils, lotions, facial creams and the like. These products can be used to treat inflammation, pain, heal surface cuts, hydrate skin and prevent puffy skin.

There are different kinds

There’s plenty of terms used to classify CBD in these products. The most important ones you should know are full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate. Full spectrum refers to CBD products that contain all of the plant’s cannabinoids, including THC; broad spectrum contains most cannabinoids, but almost no THC; and isolate products contain pure CBD.

Take your time before you buy your product

can cbd lotion help hives
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Due to the mayhem that is the CBD industry, there’s plenty of differences across CBD product lines. Some companies make great CBD topicals while others exploit the state of the industry, making products that contain hemp over CBD, contain trace amounts of the compound or make grandiose statements. If you want to learn more about buying CBD, we’ve got you covered.

More research is necessary

While there have been no side effects associated with topical CBD products, there have been some negative side effects in its ingested form, like diarrhea, drowsiness and more. It’s also important to remember that most of the evidence of the product’s effects is anecdotal. Their positive effects might be a placebo, induced by peer pressure and extensive news coverage.


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