Wednesday, April 17, 2024

What’s The Perfect Water Temperature For Your Bong?

Bong water is something that stresses a lot of people out. It’s a very important part of the process, influencing your level of comfort when you inhale and also getting rid of some of the negatives of smoking, like ash and tar. Smoking from bongs leads to an overall healthier experience, with the water acting a a filter for the smoke and for also being gentle on your lungs.

The majority of people use natural water for their bongs, but there are other ways that are more inventive and that can add layers onto your smoking experience. Cold or iced water is very popular because it cools down the smoke and helps you avoid coughing fits. The coldness of the water condenses the smoke and produces a more comforting inhale. Iced water is so famous that there are even bongs with ice compartments, producing a smoother and softer inhale.

Hot bong water is also a thing that some people are into. While that sounds a little dangerous and hard to handle, hot water and steam are great for cleansing your pores and the impurities of your body. Inhaling this steamy smoke will cleanse your throat while opening up your blood vessels, like taking a trip to the spa.

Another thing that concerns bong users is the health of their device and whether the temperature of the water influences that in some way, which is not true. Having water in your bong for long periods of time does foster bacteria and grime, so be sure to change it frequently. You should also clean your bong regularly, including the insides of it, where moss and bacteria can develop if you’re not careful.


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