Friday, May 24, 2024

Why Some People Don’t Get High The First Time They Smoke Marijuana

People need to be exposed to the drug repeatedly until their body understands what it’s supposed to feel. Experts call this a “sensitization period.”

The first time people smoke weed is always a weird experience. While some might get paranoid, giggly or immediately stoned, there’s a large group of people who smoke weed and then feel… nothing. Despite what we know of marijuana tolerance — the more you’re exposed to cannabis the less it affects you — this phenomenon of not feeling anything the first few times you toke affects more people than you might imagine.

Experts have different theories as to why this happens.

One of the most prominent theories states that in order for people to experience weed properly, they must first learn how to do it correctly. People need to be exposed to the drug repeatedly until their body understands what it’s supposed to feel. Experts call this a “sensitization period,” when THC interacts with the cannabinoids in your system a few times in order to activate them and to produce that high feeling.

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It may take a couple of sessions before you smoke and know that you are actually high versus feeling what you think you should be experiencing.

First timers could also have an issue with the smoking part of things, maybe inhaling cannabis but keeping the smoke in their mouths, which prevents the THC from making its way to your bloodstream.

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There’s not one definitive answer when it comes to cannabis and its effect on our bodies, but it’s always hard to do something for the first time, whether that’s smoking weed or getting a tattoo. Your expectations, the people you’re with, and your biology will have a hand in your first couple of experiences with weed, which is why it’s important to be patient and open minded.

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When first using marijuana, start off slow surrounded by people you trust. Put your phone on silent to minimize extra sources of stress. Once you start smoking, pause between puffs for 20 to 30 minutes and monitor your feelings closely, that way you can make sure you get high but not too high. Because that sucks, too.


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