Monday, July 15, 2024


What To Do If Smoking Marijuana Irritates Your Throat

The blunt is the classic way to consume weed, but what to do if smoking marijuana irritates your throat?

All The Ways To Consume Cannabis

For all the canna-newbies and canna-curious, here are all the ways to consume cannabis so you can explore.

Why Some Don’t Have A High The First Time They Consume Weed

With legalization so popular, there are ton new is why some don't have a high the first time they consume weed. 

Can CBD Help You Quit Cigarettes

It is one of most popular NY resolutions, and one of the hardest to do.  But can CBD help you quit cigarettes?

Why Do People Gain Weight After Quitting Smoking

Weight gain is one of the reasons why a lot of people choose not to quit their cigarette habit. A new study explains a little bit of this phenomenon and why it happens.

Does Holding It In When Consuming Weed Make A Difference

Everyone has an opinion, but does holding in when consuming weed make a difference? How does it effect your high?

Does Marijuana Effect Your Dental Health

Marijuana produces a few side effects that can harm your mouth's health, especially if you smoke it.

Study Reveals Is THC or Nicotine Risker

Teen vaping is on the rise. But is it safer than smoking tobacco? A new survey has the answer.  
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