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Top 10 Jobs In The Cannabis Industry Right Now

If you are keen on jumpstarting your career in this industry, these top jobs are great suggestions on how and where to start.

Ten years ago, if you had a pot brownie, you would have had to close your curtains and lit an incense to mask the scent of cannabis. You could have even been arrested for marijuana possession. But today, you can boldly write “cannabis expert” on your social media page without fear.

Marijuana laws are also rapidly changing across America as more states are legalizing weed. The cannabis industry is now a multi-million dollar industry, and wherever you find money in any sector, that industry is bound to create jobs for people.

Increased Demand For Top Talent As Cannabis Industry Salaries Continue To Surge
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The marijuana industry has provided jobs and numerous well-paying positions for people who are passionate about it. As the industry grows, so do the job opportunities, and if you are interested in thriving in this sector, you will want to know the best-paying jobs in the industry.

Here is a list of some of the highest paying and most fulfilling jobs in the cannabis industry:

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

This is a highly skilled position with the individual required to drive the cannabis company’s financial planning, implement investment strategies, and evaluate its cash flow. The CFO also manages other financial aspects of the company and is seen as one of the top officials of any company. The cannabis CFO earns an annual salary of $260,000-$330,000.

Manufacturing Director of Operations

Cannabis companies are all about operations and production. The manufacturing director ensures all production runs smoothly and meets the company’s target as this will impact sales. Since it is an executive position, you will need long-standing experience in manufacturing, facility management, and inventory control with an in-depth knowledge of cannabis industry practices. Salary range is $130,000-$177,500.

Director of Cultivation

The director of cultivation is the master grower at the core of the company: without the cultivation of cannabis plants, there will be no company. He needs to have a background in horticulture and experience managing a greenhouse. The smaller the operation, the lesser the pay for a master grower and director of cultivation. But large scale operations offer larger pay, and this is the best way to go. Salary is at $128,000-$189,000.

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Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

This role is an executive one, and he is saddled with the responsibility of overseeing all the research, science, and tech operations at the company. The CSO should have a master’s degree or a Ph.D. with extensive experience in the cannabis industry. He is also expected to train and supervise laboratory staff while keeping the company updated on industry insights. Salary range is $150,000-$225,000.


The agronomist is an expert grower who is also a soil expert. He should know how to cultivate and genetically change marijuana plants for new strains. Agronomists are also called crop doctors or “Weed doctors” in this case. They are responsible for improving the crop yield and its durability. You need a solid knowledge base of chemistry, earth science, biology, and other related fields. According to recent research, the agronomist got a 7% salary increase from 2019-2020, which was $80,500-$86,750.

Cannabis Dispensary Manager

All pot shops need retail managers, the dispensary manager trains, hires, and fires employees. She also manages an inventory of products, interacts with customers, and implements company policies. It is her responsibility to ensure that everything goes well within the dispensary. You will need some experience in retail management, particularly in the cannabis industry. Salary range is $75,000-$85,000.

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Vermont Kills Bill To Tax And Regulate Recreational Marijuana
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Tissue Culture Manager

This is the individual in charge of other tissue culture techs and overseeing all parts of the micropropagation process. He documents proper practices and provides direction for the micropropagation team. You will need some experience in tissue culture management and supervisory experience as well. Salary range is $73-400-$77,450.

Compliance Manager

A crucial aspect of cannabis production is ensuring that everything is done according to the law and local and federal regulations. The compliance manager keeps all team members up to date on regulatory issues and ensures that everything is done right. You will need in-depth knowledge of cannabis regulations ad all compliance-related experience. The salary range is $71,000-$110,500.


The cannabis microbiologist in a marijuana company analyzes samples and evaluates data. He also interprets his findings to the company’s management and other team members. You will need a bachelor’s degree in microbiology or a related science field to qualify. Salary ranges from $66,000-$80,500.

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Best States For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
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Extraction Lab Managers

This is a position best suited for a large-scale cannabis company. The position entails supervising other people working in the lab and ensuring that their day-to-day lab operations are in sync with its goals. You will require a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, engineering, or other related courses and experience working as a lab manager. You need to be familiar with the cannabis extraction process and all its compliance laws. The salary range is $65,000-$80,000.

Territory Sales Manager 

The territory sales manager works with prospective business clients, trains sales employees, and reports sales-related data. His responsibility is to travel to the dispensaries and retail locations, figure out the highly sought-after products, and facilitate events that will boost sales. The sales manager must know a lot about the industry and other competing enterprises. Earnings are at $65,000-$75,000.

Bottom Line 

The cannabis industry is here for the long haul, and it will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. If you are keen on jumpstarting your career in this industry, these top jobs are great suggestions on how and where to start.

Don’t worry about starting from the bottom; so many people earning the six figures you see today started from the base many years ago. They started when it wasn’t “cool” to be in the industry, and today they are at the top.

As the world moves towards fully embracing cannabis through state legalization, you have a sure career pathway that is fulfilling and financially rewarding.

*Please note: these are just a few of the best jobs in the cannabis industry as there are many more positions set up in different marijuana companies.

This article originally appeared on Cannabis.net and has been reposted with permission.


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