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Will Thailand Become The Next Cannabis Tourism Hotspot?

Thailand is well known as a destination for medical tourism and wellness travel. So, these sectors will surely benefit from legal weed.

By Nina Zdinjak

Thailand, the first Asian country to decriminalize recreational cannabis, may soon experience a boom in its tourism industry. Many experts from the travel industry believe the market will blossom like the marijuana plant itself.

After Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize medical cannabis in 2018, this January, it became the first in Asia to legally allow marijuana. Under the new regulation, its residents are allowed to cultivate cannabis for personal use.

Photo by Mongkol Chuewong/Getty Images

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Nevertheless, the guidelines are not completely clear. It seems there is a prohibition on extracts with THC content higher than 0.2%, but what about smoking weed? Many argue that the low THC content applies only to extracts, while smoking high THC pot should be legally allowed.

While the gray area around these rules needs official clarification, many hope that relaxing cannabis regulation will spur medical and wellness tourism, reported TTG Asia.

“Thailand is well known as a destination for medical tourism and wellness travel. So, these sectors will surely benefit from the latest developments,” commented Dirk De Cuyper, CEO of S Hotels and Resorts.

Spa And Wellness Centers Jump On The Opportunity 

Scientific researchers have found that cannabis can help with many health issues, such as sleep and appetite problems, stress and fatigue and many more. Some say the plant can help vitalize the intestines and reduce skin inflammation. Taking these claims into account, it’s no wonder that numerous wellness brands are looking to take advantage of this new opportunity in Thailand.

For example, luxury spa and wellness center Panpuri Wellness has already launched its Holistic Cannabis Wellness Experience, which promises a “soothing journey” from an Onsen pool to a sauna room, as well as marijuana-infused food and beverages.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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Another luxury spa, Anantara, offers various cannabis-infused treatments. The spas three “journeys,” which feature CBD oil, include Cannabis Stress-Release, Head to Toe Calming and Cannabis Stress-Release Journey.

“There is growing interest in the therapeutic benefits of CBD,” said Chunxia Gao, group director of spa & wellness at MSpa International for the Asia region. “With CBD safety guidelines ensuring the quality of the products, we can only foresee great success in CBD infused products, superfood choices, and CBD spa and wellness experiences.”

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with permission.


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