Thursday, March 23, 2023


Why Is Weed So Good At Nausea Relief? And Does CBD Help, Too?

THC is good for nausea because it is an effective antiemetic. Here's how it works.

What The Latest Studies Say About Cannabis And Postpartum

Does cannabis or CBD help with postpartum depression?

What Is CBDV And How Is It Different From CBD?

CBDV is a propyl analog of CBD, although they are not identical.

CBD Slows The Aging Process Says Study, So When Should You Start Taking It?

Cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of compounds within the cannabis plant which has powerful health benefits.

How Does Cannabis Impact Women’s Fertility And Ovulation?

Marijuana is the most widely used recreational drug especially among adults of child-bearing age.

Is Dark CBD The Newest Trend In Cannabis Products?

You know what CBD is, but what exactly is dark CBD?

If Inflammation Causes Obesity, Can Cannabis Help Break The Cycle?

Many chronic related conditions are in one way or  another related to inflammation. Obesity is no exception.

Yes, CBD Is Psychoactive — Here’s Why

Both CBD and THC cause the blood-brain barrier, meaning that both are psychoactive.

The FDA Is Quietly Targeting CBD In 2022

According to the FDA, since CBD has been approved for use in a pharmaceutical drug, it cannot legally be sold in any ingestible form.

How Weed And CBD Help You Relax — And How Much You Should Take

For many people, cannabis and CBD are the perfect tools to enhance their relaxation.

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