Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Marijuana Legislation

What The Future Of Federal Cannabis Legislation Looks Like With New Congress

One issue that had forward momentum in the previous congress, and that has built a bit of bipartisan support, is marijuana policy.

International Cannabis Reform Ramps Up In Europe, South America

Many countries waiting to see how efforts unfold elsewhere.

The New Marijuana Research Bill Is Another Sign That Federal Prohibition Is Ending

HR 8454 is not just historic because it’s the first standalone cannabis legislation in US history, it is also likely going to play a major role in ending federal prohibition.

Bill Would Make Cannabis Companies Eligible For SBA Loans

The bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

Cannabis Measures That Passed The Midterms That You Might Not Know About

There were several important, albeit lesser known, ballot measures that passed during the midterms that each help to end the prohibition and criminalization of marijuana in the US. Here's what you may have missed. The 2022 midterm elections were historical...

Why Did Arkansas’ Cannabis Legalization Fail? And What Happens Next?

Arkansas was one of five states voting on cannabis legalization in this year’s midterms.

Industry Thought Leaders Weigh In On Midterm Marijuana Results

Voters in Maryland, Arkansas, Missouri, and North and South Dakota used their vote to make a decision about legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Veterans And Cannabis: What The Law Is Now, And Where It Might Be Headed

The subject of U.S. military veterans and their access to medical marijuana continues to be the topic of many debates and several proposed bills in congress.

Here Are The Big Midterm Wins And Losses For Cannabis Legalization

Election night produced some victories that will change the trajectory of marijuana legalization in several states. 

Marijuana Reform Is In The Hands Of Students, Says President Biden

“With your vote, I’m keeping my promise [that] no one should be in jail for the mere possession of marijuana, and their record should be expunged,” said Biden.

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