Sunday, January 16, 2022

Marijuana Legislation

Beto O’Rourke’s Support For Legal Weed Gives Advocates Hope For Policy Change In Texas

O’Rourke received some of the loudest cheers when he promised to legalize weed in Texas, something he said “most of us, regardless of party, actually agree on."

Is Cannabis Legalization On The Horizon In Maryland? Top Lawmaker Unveils Marijuana Referendum Bill

The move came months after forming a 10-member Cannabis Referendum and Legalization Workgroup.

BC Pushes For Legal Black Market Cannabis Amid Criticism From Craft Growers

The British Columbia government has convinced many illegal cannabis growers to begin selling legally in an effort to squeeze out illicit marijuana.

GOP Congressman Says Democrats Are To Blame For Marijuana Legalization Delay

As we approach the end of another year that failed to see marijuana legalized on the federal level, there’s a bit of blame-shifting going on between the leading parties.

Should You Buy, Sell, Or Hold Cannabis Stocks Right Now?

What happens to cannabis stocks if we don't get federal legalization in 2022?

Malta Becomes First Euro Nation To Legalize Marijuana, But You Can’t Buy Or Sell It

The sooner governments follow the Maltese blueprint, the sooner the European economy can benefit from the cannabis boom.

Experts Predict These Countries Will Legalize Cannabis In 2022 (The US Is Not Among Them)

Few, if any, experts from the cannabis sector we talked to mentioned the U.S. as a candidate for federal reform in 2022.

Ohio Cannabis Advocates Push Lawmakers To Review Marijuana Legalization, Submit 206K Signatures

Cannabis advocates from Ohio are pushing hard to make recreational marijuana legal in their state.

President Biden Comes Under Pressure From All Sides Over His Cannabis Legalization Stance

Adding to the chorus of lawmakers pressuring President Biden on cannabis legalization, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urged him to take unilateral action on cannabis policy.

GOP Lawmakers Call On Biden And Harris To End Silence On Cannabis Legalization

The letter discusses the restrictions caused by marijuana’s Schedule I classification, to the treatment of a wide range of patients.

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