Michigan Isn’t As Pro-Marijuana As We Thought

Throughout the buildup to the mid-term elections, it appeared that Michigan was poised to become the first state in the Midwest and the 10th state nationwide to legalize recreational marijuana.

Arizona Petition To Legalize Cannabis Falls Short

The petition aimed to legalize the consumption and possession of cannabis for those 21 and over.

The Future Of Recreational Cannabis In New Jersey ‘Rounding The Corner’

Well, it’s been well over 100 days and Gov. Phil Murphy still hasn’t managed to legalize marijuana. It was a big part of his campaign rhetoric, but it was also a big part of his budget.

Is Legal Cannabis The New Bitcoin?

Investors who have missed the boat on opportunities that have made others stinking rich in the past do not want to miss catching the first wave of legal marijuana.

Does Cannabis Legislation Represent The Return Of American Federalism?

The STATES Act—which stands for Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States—could provide a federal solution to marijuana. Introduced by Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Gardner, the potential bill would allow states to enact and regulate cannabis regulation free from federal overreach.

Gov. Phil Murphy And Marijuana Legalization: The Latest

June was a hectic month for Trenton, NJ lawmakers. They had to scramble to get the budget passed, thus narrowly avoiding government shutdown.

Legal Weed In Nevada: One Year Later

July 1 marked the one year anniversary of recreational cannabis sales in Nevada, eight months after voters made their high minded decision.

North Carolina Program Allows Farmers To Grow Hemp

CBD is not only useful for a slew of conditions, including severe seizure disorder, but can be infused into countless products.

How Vermont Made History Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Vermont has officially become the ninth state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The new law took effect over the weekend and gives residents certain rights with respect to the cannabis plant.

Marijuana Legislative Roundup: Weeks Of June 18 & June 25

Where is cannabis policy making progress? Find out in our weekly marijuana legislative review.