Op Ed: Donald Trump Must Answer For Marijuana Smear Team

Why might the White House be moving in this direction on cannabis policy? It flies in the face of public opinion as well as the president’s promises on the campaign trail and to a senator of his own party.

Congresswoman Who Opposes Sessions’ Anti-Marijuana Actions Always Votes Against Pot

Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington says that while she still has “concerns” about recreational marijuana, she is “against” Sessions' decision to toss the Cole Memo in the trash.

How Are Politicians Responding To Trump’s Anti-Marijuana Committee?

The committee’s mission stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming support from the public over marijuana legalization.

US Territory Sends Cannabis Legalization Bill To Governor

Governor Ralph Torres has 28 days to sign the bill or if he doesn’t, it becomes law automatically. If the bill is enacted, it will make CNMI the first U.S. jurisdiction to go from having outright prohibition straight to legalization.

Did The White House Create A Secret ‘Reefer Madness’ Committee?

Memos and emails detail an underground Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee aimed at reversing the positive support cannabis has received in the public.

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This Bill Would Make It Legal To Ingest Cannabis On California Campuses

It would allow some youth with certain medical conditions to be administered cannabis on campus, as long as it’s given to them by their parents.

Illinois Governor Allows Medical Marijuana As Opioid Alternative

Illinois patients who are prescribed opioid painkillers now have permission to use medical marijuana as an alternative.

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The Massachusetts Senator also shared how the STATES Act came to be behind the scenes.