Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Marijuana Legislation

Arizona Bill Would Protect Marijuana Consumers — Here’s How

House Bill 2050 would ensure medical and recreational dispensaries are selling what they claim.

House Reps Want State-Legal Cannabis Protections Included In Upcoming Spending Bill

The proposals would block the Department of Justice from prosecuting those who comply with their state or tribal marijuana laws.

BREAKING: Brazil Supreme Court Authorizes Citizens To Grow Medicinal Cannabis

The case should serve as a precedent for lower courts and the advance of cannabis legalization in the potentially huge market of 200 million people.

Why You Can’t Buy Edibles In New Jersey

While the ban on edibles is a curious new turn for legal marijuana, it's unlikely for Jersey to prohibit them for long.

Will Germany Legalize Recreational Cannabis In 2022? New Push In Motion

The legislation is poised to be drafted in the second half of 2022, once the hearings with experts wrap up.

Lawmakers Discuss Cannabis Bill That Would Have It All — Banking, Research, Veterans

There's talk of combining two already existing bipartisan bills — the SAFE Banking Act and the HOPE Act.

Major GOP Players Battle For And Against Cannabis In 2022

Cannabis is just one issue in a year where major American rights are on the table.

Nancy Mace Or Chuck Schumer: Whose Cannabis Reform Bill Are Big Weed Companies Supporting?

With their keep taxes low and government regulation to a minimum approach, GOP might be better equipped to legalize. cannabis

How Did Delta-8 THC Become Legal All Across America?

Judges ruled the Delta-8 THC did not meet the Federal definition of intoxicating.

Why Chuck Schumer Might Act On Cannabis Banking Sooner Rather Than Later

So far, the SAFE Banking Act has managed to pass the U.S. House six times in the last three years. 

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