Texas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Prepare To Launch By Year’s End

Thanks to the Compassionate Use Act, those suffering from epilepsy will soon have legal access to cannabis at Texas medical marijuana dispensaries.

California Rolls Out Grandma’s Guide To Grass

“Getting a card is not that hard,” said Denny, whose clients have received medical marijuana cards for ailments including menstrual cramps, difficulty sleeping and depression.

Opioid Deaths Abound, But Kentucky Gov. Refuses To Legalize Marijuana

Kentucky pensions are in the tank, while the opioid epidemic is pounding the Appalachian state. Cannabis could help both situations, but nope.

Learn How To Break Into The Cannabis Industry In One Day

The Fresh Toast sponsors a one-day conference, Cannabrunch, that can give you a crash course in cannabis investing and find investors for entrepreneurs.

So Wisconsin Gov. Walker Just Evoked The ‘Gateway Theory’ For Hemp

But the latest gateway theory claim is a real doozy. Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said this about industrial hemp.

7 Essential Things To Know About Atlanta’s New Marijuana Law

While Atlanta voted to knock possession penalties down a few notches, there is still some confusion as to what's legal and what is not.

Michigan Will Train You For A Medical Marijuana License

Michigan is giving possible cannabis entrepreneurs the training necessary to compete in the industry and obtain a medical marijuana license.

Eric Holder Says Jeff Sessions ‘Obsessed’ With Marijuana

On Tuesday, Eric Holder chimed in on Sessions' reefer madness by claiming that he has an "almost obsession with marijuana."

California Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Smoking Ban, But Don’t Spark One Up Just Yet

California Gov. Jerry Brown late last week vetoed two bills that would have banned smoking marijuana at the beach or in a park.

Where Will You Be Able To Smoke California’s Legal Cannabis?

Californians will soon be able to purchase legal cannabis, but it’s not clear where they’ll be able to smoke outside of their own private residences.