The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: Dec. 4

Where is cannabis policy making progress? Find out in our weekly marijuana legislative review.

See The Oregon Video Campaign That Urges Cannabusinesses To ‘Go Legal’

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission released videos last week featuring some of the legal players in the state's nascent cannabis industry.

4 Things You Need To Know About Massachusetts’ Cannabis Laws

It’s been a year since Massachusetts voted in legal cannabis, but legal sales of the plant are still more than a few months away.

Meet The Special Interest Groups That Are Keeping Cannabis Illegal

When Americans seem to agree on absolutely nothing, we overwhelmingly agree that cannabis should be legal. So what is keeping cannabis illegal?

Wait A Minute: Did The FDA Just Approve Marijuana’s THC?

Last week, the DEA finalized the approval of making a synthetic THC substance developed in a pharmaceutical laboratory.

Graphic Ad Campaign Warns Of The Dangers Of Driving High

As Canada prepares for legal weed, public service advertisements are being produced to warn citizens of the dangers of driving while high.

Colorado Senator Wants To Lower Tax For Marijuana Businesses

Senator Cory Gardner (R) Colorado has authored and attached two cannabis amendments to a Republican tax bill being voted on this week

Poll: Drivers Think Texting Is More Dangerous Than Marijuana

Driving while texting or driving while under the influence of marijuana? According to a new poll, most Americans believe the correct answer is texting.

Rick Steves Is Once Again Fighting For Marijuana Legalization

Rick Steves is known throughout America as the guy on PBS who treks across Europe and offers up useful travel tips and tricks.

Will Citizens Be Able To Grow Their Own Marijuana In New Jersey?

Phil Murphy promised to legalize recreational cannabis within his first 100 days in office.