Friday, December 1, 2023


Mike Johnson And Marijuana

Experts in the industry are worried about Mike Johnson and marijuana, so far he hasn't be a fan.

Tom Emmer And Marijuana

It has been a tense 3 weeks looking for a Speaker for the US House, so what about Tom Emmer and marijuana

Jim Jordan And Marijuana

The House of Representative is struggling to elect a speaker. What is the stance of Jim Jordan and marijuana

The Jewish Faith And Marijuana

The high holiday days include reflection, celebrate, and awe of blessings. So what about the Jewish Faith and narijuana.

Crimes Against Cannabis Soars In Seattle

Crimes against cannabis soars in Seattle thanks to policies by city council.  Small business owners seeing records losses.  

Legal Marijuana Handed A Nothing Burger From NY State

It is a $3.5 Billion dollar market, but legal marijuana was handed a nothing burger from NY state in their latest update

NYC Pushes Unlicensed Cannabis Enforcement to Landlords

YIKES, with failing results, NYC looks at pushing unlicensed cannabis enforcement to landlords.

NYC Pushes Unlicensed Cannabis Enforcement to Landlords

YIKES, with no plan they enforce, NYC pushes landlords to deal with unlicensed dispensaries.

Congress Smacks Russia About Marijuana

A united Congress sent a strong message to Russia about marijuana prisoners - but what about back here at home?

Marijuana Is Not The Cause Of The Fentanyl Crisis

Don't blame marijuana for fentanyl sweeping the nation and endangering millions in big cities and small towns

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