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Can CBD, Psilocybin Help Fight Alcohol Abuse?

Starting with these natural herbs can help in reducing the desire to drink regularly.

Binge drinking has a significant negative influence on the lifestyle of a person. When the drinking pattern starts causing trouble in your life, it’s the onset of alcohol use disorder (AUD). As per recent facts, AUD hits 16 million people in the United States. The common signs of addiction can be light, average, or critical, depending on the various traits that appear. Common signs include:

  • Helpless in controlling alcohol consumption.
  • Not able to quit.
  • A desperate desire to drink.

The excessive drinking of alcohol can affect the liver and brain. This is where the role of psychedelics comes into the picture. Psychedelic substances like Psilocybin affect the brain, helping heal many mental and physical disorders, including AUD symptoms. Let’s first understand how CBD and Psilocybin work.

The Mechanism

CBD is one of the main components present in Cannabis plants, whereas Psilocybin is the component present in magic mushrooms. These naturally occurring plant-based elements have been discussed for a very long time. Both have been used for centuries for recreational purposes. Various states have legalized both substances and permit their usage to treat some specific conditions.

Consuming CBD  has a positive impression on the body without any psychedelic effects, whereas mild use of Psilocybin can produce positive effects with some mind-altering experiences.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body performs an imperative role in controlling mood, thought, appetite, and pain sensation. It controls neurological processes like stroke, seizures, dementia, and alcoholism. The consumption of these substances can support the ECS by combining with the endocannabinoids to enhance their functionality.

Drinking liquor can produce intoxicating forces on the brain, creating liver and brain damage, whereas consuming either CBD or magic mushrooms can positively impact the brain, like relieving anxiety and depression.

Below we will discuss how these naturally occurring compounds can help fight AUD and how to use them for the right results.


Cannabidiol (CBD) combines with the endocannabinoid receptors present in the brain and body to manage distress and inflammation. According to reports, CBD’s extended usage in the right dosage reduces cravings for cocaine and withdrawal symptoms. It can improve psychological indications and cognitive abilities. Cannabidiol’s antioxidant properties help strengthen the immune system’s efficacy and repair AUD’s destruction like depression and self-destructive thoughts.

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The research also revealed the consequence of cannabidiol on alcohol-impaired liver inflammation. Researchers discovered that the livers of mice injected with CBD before being fed with ethanol were less impaired than those with no CBD. It reduces oxidative stress, controls inflammation, and kills the cells that cause massive scar tissues. Animal studies suggest that CBD can metabolize lipids, which help decrease the alcohol effect on the liver.

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As per another journal, CBD reduced the chances of ethanol resumption in addictive mice, which gradually decreased when researchers increased CBD dosage.

Thus, these studies explain how CBD can play a crucial role in fighting alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms. Patients with AUD can use CBD in different forms.

Ways to use CBD:

  1. CBD oil: A person with alcoholism can add CBD oil to their food or drink. One can also consume CBD oil orally by placing a few drops under the tongue.
  2. Edibles: the huge selection of CBD edibles like chocolates, energy bars, gummies, and cannabis-infused drinks are different ways of consuming CBD.
  3. CBD Pills and capsules: These are the perfect way of taking CBD in small doses. After a meal, taking CBD tablets will help slow the release of its effect that lasts for a long time.
Denver And Oregon Now Want To Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms
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Psilocybin and AUD:

There are different species of magic mushrooms, of which one is Psilocybe Cyanescens. The psilocybin and psilocin compound present in this species makes it highly psychedelic. Psilocybin can play a crucial role in fighting alcoholism. A journal reports that consuming a high-dose of Psilocybin offers magical effects leading to lower alcohol intake and associated anxiety. People who took Psilocybin say that the mystical event produced by it made them feel great. Psilocybin supported them to ease tension, sadness, and bipolar ailments, which are common alcoholism symptoms. People exhibited enhanced appreciation and connectedness to their surroundings post psilocybin intake.

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Another article that took a survey of 343 people who consumed Psilocybin to fight alcoholism found that almost 80 percent of them were free from alcoholism. The rest 35 percent of people said their urge to drink alcohol, reduced after taking a higher psilocybin dose.

Researchers conducted another experiment to study the effect of Psilocybin, wherein they gave a small dose of Psilocybin to ten members addicted to liquor and with mental dysfunction. The result showed that this small dosage of Psilocybin is enough to ignite alcohol addiction’s healing process. The experiment also gathered the following results:

  • Participants who took Psilocybin were less inclined towards drinking alcohol.
  • Patients with alcoholism, desired to make healthy changes by creating a positive mindset. The motivation to shift from addictive behaviors begins due to the Psilocybin’s anti-addictive properties that improve a person’s self-belief in managing alcohol misuse.
  • Psilocybin reduced the dysphoric events of distress, fear, and anxiety produced due to alcohol use disorder.

Ways to use Psilocybin:

There are many ways of using Psilocybin to enjoy a psychedelic trip while fighting AUD:

  1. Chew and Swallow: In this method, you must thoroughly chew the shrooms to let the juices come out. When your saliva and the mushroom juices mix, it enters your bloodstream to start working.
  2. Brew: Take magic mushrooms in dried form and brew them and drink as a tea.
  3. Capsules: This is the easiest method of including Psilocybin in your diet. This way of using Psilocybin allows you to know the right dosage.
  4. Edibles: Like CBD, one can use Psilocybin to make various food and beverages. You can easily add Microdose Shrooms to your recipes like chocolate truffles, pasta, or honey.


The above mentioned are the ways CBD and Psilocybin can effectively fight alcohol use disorder. The regular consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of physical and mental health problems. Starting with these natural herbs can help in reducing the desire to drink regularly. Along with CBD and Psilocybin, it can be beneficial to visit a therapist who can guide you with the right dosage and other therapies.

This article originally appeared on Green Market Report and has been reposted with permission.


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