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How To Use CBD Oil To Treat Inflammation

You can get creative about ways to enjoy the possible healing properties of CBD oil. You’ll just need to try different methods to find the styles that you prefer.

By Grady Camp

CBD oil is naturally extracted from the hemp plant and is appreciated for its possible healing properties. Hemp is not to be confused with marijuana as it doesn’t contain the psychoactive component, THC, required for the high effect. This is the reason why hemp oil is legal and safe to use as a health supplement.

Inflammation occurs when the body signals send blood to the areas that need repair. The interacting processes of the cells are what cause inflammation. Inflammation can also be caused by side-effects of medication used to treat certain ailments such as chemotherapy.

We have compiled a list of 8 different ways that you can use CBD oil to treat inflammation.

Massage Oil

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CBD oil is a possible source of anti-inflammatory compounds and chemicals, meaning the oil may reduce inflammation if applied directly to the inflamed body parts. You can use CBD oil to gently massage the areas so that joints or muscles soak in the particles. After you have massaged the oil on the swollen areas such as the ankle or knee, you can tie a cloth bandage around the area as you would after applying a muscle cream. Tying a bandage may encourage the soaking in of the oil.

Apply Heat Compresses 

Applying heat compresses on swollen body parts may soothe and reduce the swelling. You can apply heat compressions by adding a few droplets of hemp oil into the warm water and soaking a clean towel. Once you wring the towel you can then compress the swollen parts for a few minutes. The combination of heat and oil on the towel may alleviate pain and swelling.

Make Ice Blocks 

Just as a hot compress may work for alleviation, so does a cold compress. You can add CBD oil into water and freeze to produce ice blocks. Rub the ice blocks on the swollen parts of your body for possible pain and relief from inflammation.

Alternatively you can add the CBD ice blocks into your cold beverages. That way, you ingest the oil and may benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties.

Infuse Lotion

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If you want to effortlessly apply hemp oil, you can add a few droplets into your body lotion. This assures that whenever you apply lotion, you will moisturise and massage the swollen areas simultaneously.

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Before you add the oil into your lotion, start by experimenting with the mixture in a different container. Depending on the type of lotion you use, not all products infuse smoothly with oil. Some products may result in lumpy texture. Therefore, pre-mixing is recommended to decide whether the texture will be of quality. If you notice any reactions such as skin rash and pimples after adding CBD oil to your lotion, you should discontinue use and visit your doctor.

Take Infused Baths 

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Soaking in a tub of warm water may relax your muscles and reduce swelling. Adding a few drops of CBD oil into your bath may further help with the alleviation. You can facilitate the process by massaging the swollen parts while you are in the bathwater. It’s recommended to take CBD baths in the evening when you are ready to sleep because of the possible relaxing effects caused by the oil.

Inhale CBD

If you are a smoker, you can include CBD oil into your smoking gadgets. You can add CBD oil into your one hitter or include into the hookah water. You must consult your doctor how much oil you can smoke seeing that this strategy means taking it in straight to your lungs. Your doctor will guide you on whether your health is in a condition where you can inhale the oil, and how frequently you can smoke it. You must also research the safe ways to smoke CBD oil for the best possible effects.

Take with Medicine 

If you have been put on a medication schedule for the inflammation that you experience, you can take CBD oil whenever you take your medication. You can take a few drops and wash down with water if you don’t enjoy the taste. You can however get flavoured hemp oil and discover the type that tastes best for you.

Keep in mind that CBD is not meant to replace medicine. It is merely a supplement to the treatment prescribed by a medical professional.

Make CBD Treats 

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Making CBD treats is a fun and tasty way to ingest the oil. You can get creative and bake muffins where you add hemp oil drops into the mixture or make CBD gummy bears or jelly, for example. If you think of a treat that you enjoy making at home, you can always include drops of CBD oil in the baking or cooking process. You can then snack on the treats as you would normally.

It is, however, important to note that there is no official dosage recommendation of CBD oil. You may want to consult your doctor regarding the amount of oil you can ingest a day. Your doctor can guide you based on experience and your medical record.


You can get creative about ways to enjoy the possible healing properties of CBD oil. The oil can be used in the form of a massage, hot and cold compresses, a bath soak, infused with lotion, in the form of baked treats, taken with medicine, or inhaled. You will have to try different methods to find the styles that you prefer.

Although this hemp product may come with dosage recommendations, keep in mind that these are not official dosages. You will have to use your discretion and draw from medical advice on this front.

If you experience chronic inflammation, you must seek medical guidance as CBD oil is not medicine nor is it a substitute for medical treatment. Also, if you are currently taking any medications or undergoing medical treatment, consult your doctor. Your doctor can let you know whether CBD oil is a good supplement for your health plan.

This article originally appeared on Daily Marijuana Observer.


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