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How To Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID

This year Thanksgiving will look very different. Here’s how you can still celebrate it.

With COVID-19 cases rising all over the country, Thanksgiving couldn’t be coming at a worse time. The holiday, one of the most important ones in terms of family and reunions, is also accompanied by a host of other social gatherings, like friendsgiving. Despite it all, thanks to technology and some creativity, there are ways of making something enjoyable out the season during 2020.

Here’s are a few low stress and safe ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving this year:

Have a smaller dinner

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Thanksgiving tends to group all of your family members in one place. Do you really want to do that this year? After all we’ve been through? A better option is to host a smaller dinner, one that eliminates a lot of risk but also allows you to have a good time with the people you love. Analyze your level of risk and that of your guests and be as thorough as you wish when it comes to you and other people’s safety. Host the dinner somewhere outdoors, make sure guests isolate for a period of two weeks before hand, have them wear masks and stay socially distanced, etc.

Have drinks over a meal

Meals are difficult to have if you’re trying to maintain social distance. They take longer and require people to take off their masks for long periods of time. While having drinks is still a risk, this outing will most likely be not as long (if you don’t get too drunk that is) and won’t expose people as much.

Host family digitally

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While there’s no way of recreating the feeling of everyone cooking in the same kitchen, you can try to host a virtual dinner with the same menu. Have everyone cook the same items and talk it out over dinner. There’s no need to go overboard and force people to eat through video together, but it can help if you and your loved ones are located in different states and don’t have a way of spending the day with each other. You can also broadcast your Zoom to your TV, making your family members feel a little closer to you.

Make a donation

It’s been a tough year on a global scale, with a lot of health and economical uncertainty. One way that can help you feel more proactive and thankful for what you have is to make a donation to an organization or charity that matters to you, or engage in some volunteer work. You can help your local community by donating food to a food bank, by assisting your elders and by maintaining social distance.


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