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Cannabis Oil Saved Suffering Niece Of Aston Villa Star Gabby Agbonlah

An undiagnosed brain condition of their six-year-old daughter pushed two parents in Birmingham, England into trying something else—cannabis oil. Jayla Agbonlahor is the niece of Aston Villa footballer Gabby Agbonlah. Doctors initially suspected Jayla had epilepsy but soon discovered the problem was in her brain. Regular seizures caused her to be hospitalized every three to four weeks and she was unable to eat, drink, walk, or talk. She also suffered cardiac arrest as a baby.

Traditional medicine wasn’t effective in treating Jayla and doctors told her parents she would likely die at an early age. But after researching the medicinal properties of cannabis oil, her mother Louise Bostock began treating her daughter in secret with the oil, which she attained on the black market.

However, soon Jayla was having fewer seizures and started eating and drinking regularly. Though positive, Bostock had to meet with police regarding her illegal administration of the drug. She was later cleared in 2015 to do so, though it’s only obtainable via Holland.

Bostock wants cannabis oil available to all who need it medicinally. Currently, cannabis-based medicine is only available in the UK for those suffering multiple sclerosis, though not on subscription.

Jayla is the youngest legally-approved user in the UK at the moment. As Bostock told the Sunday Mercury, “I believe it has saved her life, so it is a good thing. That is why it needs to happen with other children.”


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