Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Cypress Hill Wants Credit For Normalizing Marijuana To Mainstream

You should already know Cypress Hill’s long-standing connection to marijuana. The hip hop collective hasn’t exactly tried to hide its love of cannabis. Cypress Hill’s B Real has also ventured into the cannabis industry himself, opening his medical marijuana dispensary Dr. Greenthumb and hosting a marijuana talk show web series show called The Smokebox.

Now one member of the group claims that Cypress Hill had a major influence in moving marijuana into the mainstream. That would be Sen Dog, who spoke with the Washington Times in a recent interview to promote his tour.

“I like to think that Cypress Hill had something to do with changing that culture and that mentality,” Sen Dog told The Washington Times. “Not just us, but Cheech and Chong as well as other guys who have taken up the cause.”

He states the group helped normalize marijuana for audiences. To Cypress Hill, marijuana is “just a little herb,” and should be treated and classified that way. Otherwise you’re probably insane in the membrane.

“I’m glad to see all these changes going on in America as far as people educating themselves on the whole cannabis issue because it’s about time,” Sen Dog said. “They were treating it like a hard-core narcotic. People are … turning around laws that have been in place for decades.”


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