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Paris Jackson Claps Back Over Twitter’s Marijuana Shaming

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael enjoys marijuana and isn’t shy about it.

She appears in the cast of the recent marijuana-themed ensemble crime comedy “Gringo” (though whether that is a weed film or not is up to dispute). And on a Monday post (which has since been deleted), she showed a video of herself … relaxing. With weed. The horror!


The Twitter manners mob — as usual forgetting their dictionaries — entered the fray. And of course, they had to go there.

Ms. Jackson (not to be confused with the other one) got nasty right back …

… dropped some science …

… and played celebrity budtender …

It. Is. On.

And thus another Twitter exchange featuring heat but no light was born.

Epilogue: It seems as if her cannabis-related Twitter news flashes don’t stop there …


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