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The Queen May Bestow This Rare Honor Upon Meghan Markle

For many pregnant women, being in your final trimester is a time to put up your feet and take it easy. And the Queen agrees. So when she sees the mother of her impending grandbaby globe trotting to meet royal humanitarian obligations, she is impressed, to say the least.

“The Queen is amazed by the duchess’s energy and stamina given that she is so heavily pregnant,” reveals a royal source to Vanity Fair. “For the Queen and her generation, you generally hid your bump and put your feet up in this stage of pregnancy, but Meghan hasn’t stopped.”

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Meghan Markle flew to New York last week (Feb. 20) for her baby shower, only to return to London by week’s end so she could catch a flight to Morocco.

The Queen is so amazed by Markle’s work ethic during her pregnancy (Markle is expected to pop in April), it’s been rumored that Her Royal Highness will be penning a rare “thank you” note to the expectant mom.

“There may well be a letter waiting for the duke and duchess when they return,” says the source. “She respects hard work and loyalty above everything.” And it’s not just the Queen who Meghan has wowed.  Vanity Fair reports that according to courtiers on the trip, Duchess Meghan has “some serious stamina” and that “her work ethic is pretty impressive, she really doesn’t stop.”

Markle’s action-pack itinerary slows down next month, as she and Harry prepare to move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, where they’ll raise their new family.


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