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Meme Of The Week: People Are Arguing Over Subway Seats On Twitter

A Twitter user asked people what their seat preference was when riding the subway, unknowingly inspiring this week’s meme.

The beginning of the year is a weird time for everything, including Twitter humor. There’s not much material out there to make memes, forcing people get creative with their ideas and jokes. This explains this week’s meme, which is a discussion about New York subway seats that transformed into a discussion about seats in general. It’s very weird.

The tweet asked users about their preferred subway seat spaces, prompting responses of all kinds from people who took things literally, elaborating on the benefits of finding a seat near the door or the middle spot where there’s more leg room. And then there were those who just wanted to make fun of such a random question.

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Office spaces were brought up, movie theaters made appearances, states and their particularities were mocked and, of course, the Subway restaurants were brought in.

Check out some of the funniest replies below:

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