Wednesday, May 22, 2024


How To Add Daily Self-Care

Doing something to make you happy and clear headed makes life is how to add daily self care.

Key Things To Know About Synthetic Marijuana

When you have the real thing? Why go for something which isn't?  Key things to know about synthetic marijuana.

Naps Done Right Can Make a Huge Difference

Want to feel better, being more productive and more?  Naps one right can make a huge difference!

How To Figure Out If You Are Boring

Everyone enjoys friends, but for some it is hard.  Here is how to figure out if you are boring.

The 5 Best Mom’s Love Language Gifts

Still looking for the perfect gift?  Here are the 5 best Mom's love language gifts - and it might include some marijuana.

Tips To Building Better Relationships

Finding and keeping friends and partners can tough for some.  Here are tips to building better relationships.

What To Call The Illegal Marijuana Market

Since some states legalized cannabis, there has been a quiet fight about what to call the illegal marijuana market.

Pakistan Makes Positive Move On Cannabis

In a surprise move for a traditional Islamic country, Pakistan makes positive move on cannabis.

Does Lizzo Consume Weed

She is bold, knows her mind, and not afraid to draw attention. But does Lizzo consume weed and just chill sometimes?

The Best Simple Tequila Cocktails

While margarita's are delicious, why not expand your mix?  Here are the best simple tequila cocktails.

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