Sunday, June 16, 2024

5 Great Podcasts For Traveling

Podcasts are essential for long trips. Here are some great ones for all sorts of travel.

If there’s one thing many of us are looking forward is traveling comfortably. You know, without worrying about long lines, delays or long searches an airline ticket that doesn’t cost double what it should. While every person goes at their own pace in terms of what they’re comfortable with, it’s always nice to have a distraction. There’s nothing better than something entertaining and engrossing, like a great podcast.

Podcasts make great travel companions for a variety of reasons. They lend themselves to road trips and flights, don’t require good eyesight or a stable connection if you download them ahead of time. Here are 5 great podcasts for traveling:

Las Culturistas

Hosted by Matt Rogers and SNL’s MVP Bowen Yang, Las Culturistas is a hilarious podcast about two funny people talking about culture and why we care so much about it. Every episode features new guests that connect to something current that is going on, taking the time to reminisce about what made them love culture in the first place.

Blood Ties

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Fiction podcasts are going through a big moment right now, like having someone read to you but the person who’s reading has perfect diction and you also get an elaborate audio production. Blood Ties stars Gillian Jacobs, Josh Gad, and more, and tells the story of siblings Eleanore and Michael, who unexpectedly lose their parents in a plane crash. It gets way more complicated from there.

Haunted Places

If you’re a lover of spooky things, like a large percentage of podcasts listeners, then you’ll love Haunted Places. This podcast releases a new episode each week discussing a new haunted place and all of its history.

Imaginary Worlds

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Imaginary Worlds posts episodes twice a week, all about genres like fantasy and science-fiction. The host of the show, Eric Molinsky, has a talk with different novelists, screenwriters, cartoonists, video game designers, and more, all about creating fictional worlds.

Root of Evil

Root of Evil is one of those true crime podcasts that focuses on The Black Dahlia murder of the 1940’s. What sets it apart from the many other entries of that very crowded genre is that the podcast widens its scope, choosing to focus on the very charged history of the family of George Hodel, the man suspected with the original murder.


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