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5 Reasons Why Your Sex Drive Might Be Super Low

Sex causes a lot of stress. Whether you’re having too little of it or too much, if it’s too bad or not good enough, the list can be as complicated as you want it to be. There are a million questions you could have regarding your sex life, and that’s okay. It’s important to understand that libidos are complicated, but they’re mostly affected by your mindset and stress.

Whether your libido is acting up due to hormones or is fluctuating due to your personal and romantic life, here are 5 innocuous day to day activities that might be putting a strain on your sex drive:

No Exercise

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Working out is a pain sometimes, especially when you have a job and other stuff you’d rather do like watch TV and go out. Still, there’s no other way around it, sometimes you gotta do it. Many physicians and doctors stress over the importance of exercise when it comes to our sex drives, enhancing your serotonin and dopamine levels while also increasing the blood flow to your genital area.

Not Having Enough Sex

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Maybe the reason you’re not as interested in sex is because you haven’t done it in a while and haven’t thought about it. Not having sex makes you less interested in sex, but the opposite is also true. You can make yourself have sex, which at first may feel boring or not awesome, but later on it’ll feel great and like it was just what you needed.

Eating The Wrong Foods

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Snacks, salty, and heavy foods are not the best for making you feel attractive. They’ll make you feel bloated and gross, which can contribute heavily to your image and to a lower sex drive. Eating things that make you feel energized, light, and good about your body will help you engage more easily with sex.

Not Masturbating

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Masturbating allows you to stay in touch with your body and your desires. It’s also a nice reminder that yes, you can orgasm, so you can also have sex. Make it a part of your routine, like working out and eating healthy.

Drinking Too Much

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While it’s true that wine makes people a little horny, alcohol is also depressant, which means that after a few glasses you’ll start to feel tired and your testosterone will drop. If you want to have a drink before sex then stick to a glass or two, which won’t impair your libido.


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