Thursday, May 30, 2024


Couples Using Cannabis Can Increase Intimacy

Found in the Karma Sutra and used for hundreds of years...couples using cannabis can increase intimacy.

Stormy Daniels Is Immortalized With A Marijuana Strain

She has been a fan favorite, a director and now Stormy Daniels is immortalized with a marijuana strain.

The Best Tips To Up Your Intimacy Game While High

It has been used since ancient times as an aphrodisiac. Here are the best tops to up your intimacy game while high.

Have You Used These 5 Wacky Dating Dealbreakers

Have you used these 5 wacky dating dealbreakers?  Sometimes it is just better to cut and run if it doesn't work.

Legal Medical Marijuana Leads To More Sex

Who could have seen this coming?  Turns out legal medical marijuana leads to more sex. Here is the back story.

How Many People Can You Date At One Time

Sometimes you just have the right vibe and the options pour in. But how many people can you date at one time?

Cannabis Based Lubes Can Help You Go The Extra Mile

While it is very fun - can it be better?  It seems cannabis lubes can help you go the extra mile.

Best Tips To Slide Into Someone’s DMs Right

You see the perfect person online. Here are the best tips to slide into someone's DMs right.

Best Advice For Shy And Anxious People Using Apps

Having a hard time connecting with people? Here is the best advice for shy and anxious people using apps to date.

Marijuana Makes 70 The New 50

Aging is tough, but people are living longer and there is still lots to enjoy. Good news _ Marijuana makes 70 the new 50!

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