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Amazon Opens New ‘4-star Store’ In California

Amazon has been slowly getting more and more involved in retail, purchasing Whole Foods in 2017 and opening up different brick and mortar shops in strategic locations throughout the country. The company’s latest store is called “Amazon 4-star” and it sells a mix of Amazon products and other well-known items, all with at least “four star” reviews on Amazon.

The first 4-star store opened up in SoHo, New York in September, followed closely by a second location in Denver, and now a third in California. These stores explore an interesting concept, featuring products and items of all styles and uses like tech accessories, board games, and home appliances.

According to TechCrunch, products are organized in different categories such as “Most Wished For”, “Amazon Exclusives”, and “Frequently Bought Together”, providing a unique experience that mixes the reliability of Amazon with the ability to hold and see the products before you make the decision of buying them.

Another interesting fact about these stores is that, as with Whole Foods, Amazon prime members get discount prices and deals while average customers have to pay the list price of the products.

It’s unknown how many of these stores will be opening in the future or if Amazon is planning on opening up other shops that explore different themes. With the current growth of Amazon, it’s safe to predict many more stores and inventions.

Amazon 4-star stores join other Amazon spots like the Amazon Go grocery stores, Amazon book stores, and Whole Foods.

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