Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Does Marijuana’s CBD Show Up In Drug Tests?

There’s a lost of mystery surrounding marijuana’s CBD and it’s legal status, considering how it’s set apart from marijuana (in terms of legality) but still comes from the same plant…as well as hemp. Many wonder if CBD will show up on their drug tests and if these tests are actively looking for the cannabinoid.

These drug tests are common practice before getting a new job, meeting parole requirements. and in some sports organizations. The tests can prove the presence of different things, such as cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin.

The routine drug test for detecting marijuana use consists of a immunoassay, a biological test that detects the presence of THC in your urine. This test is what you’ll most likely encounter when applying for a job. The good new is it’s very unlikely that the test will spot the presence of CBD or any other cannabinoid that isn’t psychoactive.

The only instance where the test would pick up the presence of CBD in your urine would be if you consume more than 1000 mg of it a day, which would expose you to a small percentage of THC in the meantime.

Just in case you want to be on the cautious side of things, if you have some sort of drug test coming up, be sure to consume CBD products that are THC free. Even though there’s a very little chance for CBD to show up on a traditional urine test, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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