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Google Could Help You Pick A Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes can be a pain, so a little suggestion can help in a big way…and Google has just the trick

Halloween is right around the corner and people are thinking about what are they doing for the weekend and what are they doing for Halloween night.  Stay home, stay home and give out candy, go out in a costume, buy a $3 black mask and call it a day.? Decisions and stress.

Most US adults will not be dressing up based on data from the latest Yahoo/YouGov poll. The  poll unmasked 22% are opting to dress up for the spooky holiday but a whoping 63% have chosen to skip out this season while 14% haven’t decided one way or another.  Depending on what you like to do, one side is wrong.  For those who do like to dress up, Google could help pick a halloween costume.

Google Trends set up a spooky page called “Frightgeist” showing the most popular costumes and the most popular in each state. There are different sections, including a map of the U.S. highlighting the most searched costumes per state and an option to search for a costume according to your own personal preferences.

According to the poll a slight smaller percentage will be making their costumes as opposed to buying (hello Amazon!).  A small group are having someone else make their outfit for them, while another are bringing back an existing one from their own closet.

And another group is still undecided. Here are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for you to consider


The blockbuster movie lives on in a variety of ways – especially the top choice in this year’s costume. Folks can’t get Kenough of Barbie and why not have recreate the movie with Barbie costumes.


Superheros reign as a top costume and Spiderman wins out.  It could be it is an easy costume.  The gays love it for some reason and truly focus on Spidey being the sexist hero.  Superman and Batman come up behind him.

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Princesses were long the king (or queen) of Halloween until they were surpassed by superheroes.  People of all ages still love the costume which ranks in the top 5 of costume every year.  Easy and you can’t go wrong and who doesn’t want to be a princess or prince for the day?


witch costume
Photo by Zachary Kadolph via Unsplash

Witch costumes are a classic, easy to  make and are part of the lore of Halloween. Ironically, the first known witch’s outfit is nudity — as in, no clothes at all — which was depicted in paintings. But years later, the look evolved due to political allegiances, Hollywood’s spin on these magical being have gone from Hocus Pocus to Bewitched, so you have a wide range in your selections.


Photo by Huang Yingone via Unsplash

In 2015, costume manufacturer Rubie’s Costume Company developed a line of inflatable dinosaur costumes as a merchandise tie-in to Jurassic World. Rubie’s T. rex costume, with a comically large wobbling head, gained popularity in pranks, visual gags, and as an internet meme. Might be a little large for crowded parties, but people will roar at your success.

Lastly, from Dallas to West Hollywood to Toronto there is the overtly sexy costume. The revealing Halloween costume arrived in a two-wave movement- — first in the 1970s after the sexual revolution and the other took place in the early 2000s, after pivotal films were released which portraying mostly women embracing the sexy Halloween costumes. In West Hollywood, a large portion of the guy’s costumes are underwear which show they are a cop, a superhero, a cowboy, etc.

Google could help you pick a Halloween costume or you can let you creative, sexy inspiration drive you to something really fun!


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