Tuesday, June 25, 2024

How To Make It Through Quarantine With Kids Or Roommates

Spending long stretches of time with kids, roommates or even a romantic partner can be a challenge. Here’s how you can make things easier for yourself.

The millions of people that are currently going through self-quarantine are finding themselves in unparalleled situations. Everyone’s facing different hurdles, whether they are living alone, with roommates, with a partner or with children. While those who are alone are forced to spend more time nurturing themselves, those who are with others must also create their own space, especially when inhabiting small apartments.

Here’s what you can do to eliminate friction in these kinds of situations:

Have meals together

Whether you’re spending this time with roommates, a partner or kids, social distancing is an opportunity that can bring you all together. Take advantage of the fact that you’re with people and enjoy their company, having meals together and using these opportunities to talk about the good things and the bad.

Plan activities for kids

How To Make It Through Self-Isolation With Kids Or Roommates
Photo by Patricia Prudente via Unsplash

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If you’re self-quarantining with kids then you’ve probably done thousands of arts and crafts by now. Help yourself by using Google: search for educational programs for kids, online activities, virtual tours, etc. All of these can keep your kids busy and help you stay sane.

Don’t stress if you’re routine breaks

Although it sounds crazy, now that we have all of this time for ourselves, it’s really hard to commit to a thing, whether that’s completing your work load or watching an engaging TV series. Lower the bar in all regards and understand that this is an unprecedented time and that you’re adapting. It’s okay if your kids watch more TV or if you are eating more than you’re used to. Forgive yourself and start over again.

Create your own space

How To Make It Through Self-Isolation With Kids Or Roommates
Photo by Parker Gibbons via Unsplash 

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Whether you’re with roommates, a partner or kids, it’s important to have some alone time and space. Communicate openly, splitting duties with your partner or asking for your roommates for some space in order to get some work done or relax without having to talk to someone.

Have sex

Whether you’re alone, with roommates or with your partner, it’s still important to have fun. NYC Health recently released a sex memo that quickly became a meme due to the sincere and hilarious language it used, including phrases like “You are your safest sex partner.”

If you’re with kids, try to go to bed at the same time and continue to stay connected with your partner through these difficult times. If you’re alone or with roommates, don’t forget that Pornhub is free. It’s all about the little things right now.


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